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#ifndef CONF_H
#define CONF_H
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "slog.h"
struct conf {
/* connection to Redis */
char *redis_host;
short redis_port;
char *redis_auth;
/* HTTP server interface */
char *http_host;
short http_port;
short http_threads;
size_t http_max_request_size;
/* pool size, one pool per worker thread */
int pool_size_per_thread;
/* daemonize process, off by default */
int daemonize;
char *pidfile;
/* WebSocket support, off by default */
int websockets;
/* database number */
int database;
/* ACL */
struct acl *perms;
/* user/group */
uid_t user;
gid_t group;
/* Logging */
char *logfile;
log_level verbosity;
/* Request to serve on “/” */
char *default_root;
struct conf *
conf_read(const char *filename);
conf_free(struct conf *conf);
#endif /* CONF_H */
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