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@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ curl -d "GET/hello"
* Optional daemonize.
* Default root object: Add `"default_root": "/GET/index.html"` in webdis.json to substitute the request to `/` with a Redis request.
* HTTP request limit with `http_max_request_size` (in bytes, set to 128MB by default).
+* Database selection in the URL, using e.g. `/7/GET/key` to run the command on DB 7.
# Ideas, TODO...
* Add better support for PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS? How? For which commands?
@@ -51,8 +52,6 @@ curl -d "GET/hello"
* Enrich config file:
* Provide timeout (maybe for some commands only?). What should the response be? 504 Gateway Timeout? 503 Service Unavailable?
* Multi-server support, using consistent hashing.
-* Database selection in the URL? e.g. `/7/GET/key` to run the command on DB 7.
- * This might not be very useful, databases will be deprecated from Redis at some point.
* SSL?
* Not sure if this is such a good idea.

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