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Create the new attributes options to Akeneo automatically while importing products
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This new connector allows you to add the new attributes options to Akeneo automatically while importing products.

It is possible that during automatic imports some lines are ignored because an attribute option has not been created in the PIM. Any new data from this product will be ignored and you may lose it. To avoid losing this data, this bundle creates the missing attribute option before processing the product itself. The value in the CSV field is used as a label and adapted to create the code. Specific characters are removed and spaces are replaced by underscores.


MappingConnectorBundle Akeneo PIM Community Edition Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition
v1.0.* v2.3.* v2.3.*


Next, enter the following command line:

$php composer.phar require nicolas-souffleur/option-importer-connector

Then enable the bundle in the app/AppKernel.php file in the registerProjectBundles() method:

$bundles[] = new \Extensions\Bundle\OptionImporterConnectorBundle\ExtensionsOptionImporterConnectorBundle()


It's easy, you only have to create a new import job. Then select a default locale in your job's configuration to create automatically the first label of the attribute options. To create the attribute option code the job will remove all the specific characters of the value and replace the spaces with an underscore. It's ready, enjoy.


  • [DONE] Select field with available locales in the job instance configuration
  • Add a configuration field to choose which attribute to process
  • Notify the user about the attribute options added

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you would like other features :)

About me

Specialized in Akeneo since its launch in 2014, I'm helping companies to implement this efficient and essential solution, to integrate it into their workflow and to structure their data. Feel free to contact me through my contact form on my website ( or directly by email (

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