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While developing AndEngine was a lot of fun, it also also consumed many(!) months of my life. It actually continues to cost me a significant amount of money to host the AndEngine forums.

If you made profit using your game and can afford to spare a fraction of it to the developer of the game engine you used, I would be very grateful! =)


The easiest way of donating is via Bitcoin to the AndEngine funds wallet address:

Bitcoin Bitcoin Wallet Address: 1run6zViD16j2rP9evpayu8FqQ6mcRDqi Bitcoin Wallet

Tip4Commit (Bitcoin)

Tip the author (not the project itself) of the next commit to AndEngine:

Bitcoin top for next commit


Donation Email:

Thank you!

/Nicolas Gramlich



  • AndEngine has to be build with ADT-17 or higher!

IntelliJ IDEA

  • AndEngine relies on ADT to auto-generate a "BuildConfig" class. IntelliJ IDEA (as of 11.1.1) has not fully integrated with ADT-17+. In order to build AndEngine with IntelliJ IDEA, you can simply add the following class yourself in the root package (org.andengine):
package org.andengine;

public final class BuildConfig { 
    public final static boolean DEBUG = true;


  • OpenGL ES 2:
    • Support: [> 93% of all Android devices (Apr. 2012)
    • Branch: GLES2-AnchorCenter
      • Active development.
      • The leatest and greatest.
      • More cocos2d-ish (Coordinate-System in the lower left corner, powerful AnchorCenter system.)
    • Branch: GLES2
      • Not in active development.
  • OpenGL ES 1:
    • Branch: master
    • Not in active development.
    • Support: > 99.0% of all Android devices (Apr. 2012)