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Lead Developer:



  • Scott Kennedy
    • Added EngineOptions->AudioOptions->SoundOptions->setMaxSimultaneousStreams.
    • Fixed a bug where BaseGameActivity would not resume.
    • Added ButtonSprite.
    • Fixed anti-pattern in Sprite/TiledSprite constructors.
    • Fixed an infinite recursion.
  • Greg Haynes
    • Added SharedMemoryVertexBufferObject and ZeroMemoryVertexBufferObject.
    • Enhanced Pool class to be able to have a maximum number of items to permanently hold.
    • Fixed a bug in Entity.getSceneToLocalTransformation.
    • Fixed Hold/Click/Scroll-Detector when MultiTouch is enabled.
  • Xi Yu
    • Added TextOptions->AutoWrap.CJK.


  • Rodrigo Moraes
    • Added optimizations and enhancements in the TMXTiledMapExtension.
  • Janne Sinivirta
    • Added ParticleSystem.BlendFunctionInitializer.
    • Fix a surplus semi-colon preventing from building with a stock JDK.
  • Michal Stawinski
    • Fixed a race condition in SoundManager/SoundFactory.
    • Added Missing constructors in IMenuItem implementations.
  • Francesco Zoffoli
    • Added callback method in IAnimationListener.
  • Karl Erik Asbjørnsen
    • Fix in MultiKeyHashMap to preventing from building with a stock JDK.
  • Erik Eloff
    • Memory fix in BufferUtils.
  • Sergio Viudes
    • Fixed using an API Level 9 method.
  • Pawel Plewa
    • Added CubicBezierMoveModifier and QuadraticBezierMoveModifier.
  • Levi Notik
    • Added project setup instructions for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Steven Jackson
    • Fixed wrong method signature in StrokeFont.
  • Daniel Epstein
    • Added possibility to define scaleX/scaleY instead of just scale.
    • Fixed horizontal/vertical flipping of BaseTextureRegionBuffer.

Suggestions / Issue-Reports:

  • Leandro De Brasi
    • Fixed copy-paste error in SpriteBatchVertexBuffer.
    • Fixed missing super.finalize() call in BaseSprite.
    • Fixed a synchronization issue in TextureManager, FontManager and ShaderProgramManager.
    • Added support for specifying individual frames in an animation instead of just the first and the last frame.
  • dorasoft
    • Fixed IModifierListeners being overwritten in certain constellations of nesting SequenceModifier, ParallelModifier and LoopModifier).
  • brig
    • Fixed Entity.sortChildren(pImmediate=false) not resetting after sorting was performed.
  • oldskool73
    • Fixed a bug when using MenuScene and ZoomCamera.
  • chozabu
    • Fixed a bug when using MenuScene and ZoomCamera.
  • stormtroopa
    • Fixed a bug when using MenuScene and ZoomCamera.
  • whalabi
    • Fixed a bug where Textures turned/remained 'white', when they are are reloaded/updated.
  • AlexNunn
    • Fixed a bug where Textures turned/remained 'white', when they are are reloaded/updated.
    • Fixed TextureSourceDecorator using Stroke.FILL to draw one pixel too few.
  • Akirasan
    • Added methods to Entity allowing to attach/get/detach children based on their index.
  • blissoft
    • Fixed a bug when changing the volume of a Sound.
  • While(E)
    • Fixed a copy-paste error not allowing TiledSprite/AnimatedSprite to be used in a SpriteBatch.
  • dironto
    • Fixed TextureFormat.RGB_565 working with TextureOptions.XYZ_(NON-)_PREMULTIPLYALPHA.
  • moppelg
    • Fixed invisible Sprites in a SpriteBatch still drawing.
  • Time-Over
    • Fixed a bug in Line vs Rectangle collision.
  • aerobowl
    • Added add/remove methods in SpriteGroup.
  • KyleHatch
    • Added convenience methods to convert from Local to Scene coordinates (and vice versa).
  • daniboy
    • Added support for multiple stops in LinearGradientFillTextureSourceDecorator and RadialGradientFillTextureSourceDecorator.
  • ddrscott
    • Added support for binding TouchEvents to OnSceneTouchListeners.
  • rickw
    • Fixed Entity being able to hold ITouchAreas (only Scene should be able to).
  • g1adrift
    • Added new WakeLockOption not requiring the WAKE_LOCK permission.
  • H3R3T1C
    • Fixed the calculation of the GlobalTileID in the TMXTiledMapExtension when data is read from a GZipInputStream.
  • valentin.milea
    • Added spacing to BlackPawnTextureBuilder.
  • goran.mrzljak
    • Fixed a bug in TMXLayer when the TiledMap is not squared.
  • cpasjuste
    • Added onCompletionListener to the Music class.
    • Added method to creae Sounds and Music from Files/Paths.
  • k3vlar
    • Fixed resetting the position of Particles, so that moving ParticleSystems are possible.
  • mr_deimos
    • Added PREMULTIPLYALPHA option to the TextureOption class.
  • oleg
    • Added PREMULTIPLYALPHA option to the TextureOption class.
  • NightJumper
    • Added MathUtils.distance.
  • crino
    • Fixed check if OpenGL 1.0 or 1.1 is present.
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