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scripts Added example buildscript. Aug 15, 2011
src/org/andengine/extension/texturepacker/opengl/texture/util/texturepacker Add support for ETC1 textures Jul 13, 2012
.classpath Updated claspath. Nov 3, 2011
.gitignore Added crashlytics xml file to gitignore. Jun 8, 2013
.project Updated claspath. Nov 3, 2011
AndroidManifest.xml Removed application tag and debuggble=true from AndroidManifest.xml. Mar 27, 2013
build.xml Switched to unix line-endings. Nov 22, 2011
proguard.cfg Updated classpath and for SDK-Tools 14. Nov 1, 2011 Updated project.proerties to build with latest SDK. Jan 7, 2012