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Mathmaker creates elementary maths worksheets with detailed solutions.

The output documents can be compiled into pdf files by lualatex. Examples of available themes are: first degree equations, pythagorean theorem, fractions calculation...

It can run from command line, but can be controlled via http requests too.

Licence Documentation (master release) Documentation (latest development version)).


Complete install


python3.6 is mandatory for mathmaker to work, so check is installed on your system

  • on Ubuntu 14.04 or later:

    External dependencies:

    $ sudo apt-get install eukleides libxml2-utils gettext texlive-full

    Note: to avoid installing texlive-full, check the documentation.


    $ pip3 install mathmaker
  • on FreeBSD 10.*:

    External dependencies:

    $ sudo pkg install python36 py36-sqlite3 gettext eukleides libxml2 texlive-full
    $ rehash
    Because of a bug in current FreeBSD's eukleides package you'll
    have to fix eukleides install. See
    `here <>`__.

    Once you're done, you can proceed installing mathmaker:

    $ pip3 install mathmaker
    If you stumble upon an error during the install of the
    python-daemon dependency, you'll find the way to solve it
    `there <>`__

Basic use

$ mathmaker pythagorean-theorem-short-test > out.tex
$ lualatex out.tex

or directly:

$ mathmaker pythagorean-theorem-short-test --pdf > out.pdf

Get the list of all provided sheets(3):

$ mathmaker list

To get the command-line options, you can use mathmaker --help.

Several settings can be overriden by user defined values in ~/.config/mathmaker/user_config.yaml. Read the complete documentation for more information.

Advanced use

It's possible to create your own sheets in yaml. Read from the complete documentation for more information.


You can contribute to mathmaker:

As a wordings contributor

Mathmaker needs contexts for problems wordings. There are already some, but the more there is, the better. Existing wordings can be found here. You can submit any new idea as an enhancement proposal there (should be written in english, french or german).

Any question can be sent to nh dot techn (hosted at gmail dot com).

As a translator

You can help translating mathmaker to your language (or any language you like, if you have enough elementary maths vocabulary for that).

If the translation to your language isn't started yet, there are several pot files to get here (see explanations about their respective roles there). You can use an editor like poedit or any other you like better, to create po files from them and start to translate.

If you want to add missing translations, or to correct some, you can find the po files in the subdirectories here.

Once you're done, you can make a pull request here.

Any question can be sent to nh dot techn (hosted at gmail dot com).

As a developer

Before submitting a PR, please ensure you've had a look at the writing rules.

More details can be found in the documentation for developers.

Any question can be sent to nh dot techn (hosted at gmail dot com).

Additional informations

Contact: nh dot techn (hosted by gmail dot com)