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 _____         ___ _____         ___ 
|   | |_ _ ___|  _|   | |_ _ ___|  _|
| | | | | |  _|  _| | | | | |  _|  _|
|_|___|___|_| |_| |_|___|___|_| |_|  

Welcome to your NurfNurf project on Github!

NurfNurf is a minigame based on urf mode. Due to the many kills in a few time, this mode suits perfectly to the game.

NurfNurf randomly selects a match and synchronizes it for all players. Anyone can bet on the same match and pick a winner team. The faster you bet the more you will earn as a reward.

To install our app, you need a mongodb server running:

$ sudo apt-get install mongodb-server

You also need meteor:

$ curl | sh

To run nurfnurf, go to its folder and type:

$ MONGO_URL=<your-mongo-url> RIOT_API_KEY=<your-riot-api-key> meteor --port $IP:$PORT

To fill the mongodb database, uncomment lines 806 to 870 in nurfnurf.js (change timeBetweenCalls if your riot-api-key can afford it) and run the app. Recomment the lines and run the app again to play nurfnurf game on http://localhost:$PORT

Happy NurfNurf!


Nicolas Henry & Jean-François Grand