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Nicolas Kruchten's Arduino Sketchbook

This is my entire Arduino sketchbook. Various folders contain the code for projects I post about on my blog at

Code in this repo can be used under an MIT-style license, except as otherwise indicated in the source itself, as in the /libraries directory, as much of that code comes from others.

What's in here?

This repo isn't necessarily super-well-organized for someone else to browse through, but here's a basic breakdown of what's here.

Libraries I wrote

  • WiiChuck - wrapper for interfacing with my wireless WiiChuck
  • PololuMotorController - wrapper for interfacing with the Pololu Motor Controller

First tries

  • sketch_may21a
  • sketch_may23b
  • sketch_may25a
  • sketch_jun15b
  • ambientOrbFadeCD
  • joysticks2leds
  • xbeetest

Wanderer Robot

See these posts for more info on my robots.

  • motor_control
  • motorRefactoring

Light Seeker

  • lightTrackerServo
  • lightSeeker

Autonomous obstacle-avoiding robot

  • IRsensor
  • IRAvoiding
  • IRAvoidingNoEvents

iPad-controlled robot

  • ipadControlled
  • iPadControlledIRAvoidingNoEvents

WiiChuck-controlled robot

  • wiichuckFirst
  • wiichuckReWrite
  • wiichuckControlledIRAvoidingNoEvents
  • wiichuckControlledIRAvoidingLibrary

Rancilio Silvia project

See these posts for more info on this Silvia mod project.

  • tc4v1
  • SilviaController