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These instructions are pretty terse, so if you want to tinker around and you can't figure it out, please email!

Read through them and make sure you understand how Tomcat and Ant (and the other underlying technologies) work and you should be fine. 

Instead of doing this all on the command line, you might have more luck with installing this within Eclipse using the Sysdeo plugin.

Look out for classpath/environment variable/permissions issues.

- you will need to have Java 1.5+, Tomcat 5.5+, MySQL 5+ installed, as well as Ant and JUnit
- unpack the archive in a place that makes sense given that it will be a Tomcat application
- run 'ant make' after ensuring that you've exported the TOMCAT_HOME environment variable
- configure the app by copying to and filling in the variables and *deleting the comments!*
- create a database named [dbprefix]test (dbprefix as configured in
- run 'ant testDB test' to create a test database and run junit tests on it
- create the database named [dbprefix]dev and run 'ant devDB' to create the database
- run 'ant staticfiles' to generate the CSS
- configure a Tomcat context for the app at whatever domain/apprefix you've configured in 
- launch Tomcat
- browse to http://[domain][apprefix][defaulturl] and you should see the app running
  - sign in using the email address/password combo:


- for the app to manage itself, set up crontabs similar to cron/mycrontab to perform various types of db maintenance nightly
- profile picture uploads will require the 'convert' command from imagemagick
- post searching will require you to alter the table called 'searchables': drop all key constraints and change the engine to MyISAM, add a fulltext engine to all the text fields
- bulk-mailing will require you to install Perl and all the dependencies of cron/ (e.g. from CPAN) and configuration of Mail::Bulkmail, followed by a cron job that calls this script every minute or so (see cron/mycrontab)
- online credit-card processing will require an account with a processor, and for you to populate the class ca.myewb.frame.CreditCardTransaction
- the conference registration system is there as a sample