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Commits on Jul 17, 2011
@hbons hbons changeset: add ToJSON method db1dbf5
@hbons hbons fix , fcb17c6
@hbons hbons json: fix path for files feeda53
@hbons hbons spit a out valid JSON event log 9963bd3
@hbons hbons write json to a file 8186083
@hbons hbons add json: date to each day fed0a27
@hbons hbons json: get changesets when updating 0b83e75
@hbons hbons update json when we've gone idle 632cf28
@garrett garrett adding WIP of the new JSON powered event viewer 80ad8b7
@hbons hbons update json for changeset (redundant array) 5232cd4
@garrett garrett modify the header a little f638a7a
@garrett garrett add example globals, for C# to share info w/ JS (& cleaned up whitesp…
@hbons hbons json: add a folder list 9f4706e
Commits on Jul 18, 2011
@garrett garrett whitespaaaaaaace 1f8daa8
@garrett garrett $.ajax() uses deferreds & Deferred.success() is on completion or after
This means we can simplify the code here as it will get fired when the ajax
request completes successfully or has *already* completed successfully!
Commits on Jul 20, 2011
@kapcom01 kapcom01 Update Greek translation from Transifex 4dcd1ef
@tzwenn tzwenn Update Esperanto translation from Transifex 2bcf686
@tzwenn tzwenn Update Dutch translation from Transifex 3bf12fb
@deejay1 deejay1 Update 3b00ba4
@hbons hbons Fix bug where large amounts of files aren't being added/commited/push…
…ed (process class hung on the large outputs)
@hbons hbons update version in solution b64324a
@hbons hbons update version for next release 0be3bde
@hbons hbons Fix notifications
The check wether it was a new commit always returned false
Commits on Jul 21, 2011
@hbons hbons html: don't go overboard on padding 889c5d4
@hbons hbons update NEWS 56b5848
@hbons hbons update NEWS 184481d