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Several libs for development in python

in order for the paths to be ok, move into the root of the directory and execute 
. ./

here is a description of the directories/files and their dependencies

ocaml/: contains a library which allow one to extends the python
interpreter with embedded language implemented in OCaml. As an example
we extends python with a simple interpreted lisp. [Require: ocaml, pycaml]

misc/: contains several reusable libraries
misc/ provide read/write access to GoogleSpreadsheet [Require: python Google API]
misc/ text-to-speech using Google service [NB: does not work anymore]
misc/ allow to manage keybinding similarly to emacs
misc/ a dynamic storage, with dependencies between values (reminiscent to a spreadsheet engine) [Require: NetworkX]

gui/: several gui component build over GTK
gui/ a GtkFrame for inputing definition or executing python statement in a storegraph
gui/ storegraph GtkFrame frontend remniscent to a simple graphical spreadsheet
gui/ a GtkFrame for managing a storegraph
gui/ a GtkWindow which title show the current time in several world location [Require: pytz]
gui/ a GtkFrame frontend for embedded language in the ocaml-extended interpreter
gui/ an application which use several GtkFrame all linked by a share storegraph
gui/ attempt to reproduce an emacs in python [NB: OBSOLETE]

finance/misc: several general purpose libraries
finance/misc/ a general library for technical analysis indicators
finance/misc/ simple function for grabbing last price of a stock using Google Finance
finance/misc/ a hierarchy of classes for writing trading strategies based on the same workflow
finance/misc/ a function to grab the quotes of nikkei stock using Yahoo Japan
finance/misc/ an example of use of matplotlib [NB: taken for matplotlib examples]

[IMPORTANT: This is experimental work, the author is not responsible for any loss generated through the following libraries]
[ADVICE: use a demo account]
finance/ibbroker: a client/server framework for using InteractiveBrokers services [Require: Ibpy, pyro]

finance/ibbroker/server/ a pyro object for accessing InteractiveBrokers API, adding a few functionality (e.g., orders timeout, ...)
finance/ibbroker/server/ several examples of how to the server / regression tests
finance/ibbroker/ a GtkFrame displaying the account informations

finance/ibbroker/ a threaded object representing a contract with several information: bars, marketdepth, position, pnl, ...
finance/ibbroker/ a GtkFrame displaying the execution informations
finance/ibbroker/ a GtkFrame displaying the global position informations
finance/ibbroker/ a GtkFrame displaying real-time information of a contract
finance/ibbroker/ an application composed of all frames described above