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Space Ninja is a Javascript game that utilizes p5
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Space Ninja

Background and Overview

Space Ninja is based off the popular game Fruit Ninja. It is a single player game where the inidivual attempts to move his cursor and target objects as they are displayed on the screen.

Alt text Alt text Alt text


The app consists of a single screen with the following features:

  • new game option for beginning a round of Space Ninja
  • points counter and lives counter
  • cursor for slicing shapes with trailing effect for visuals

Architecture and Technologies

  • Javascript ES6 and the P5 Library for the app structure and game logic
  • HTML Canvas for game visuals
  • CSS3 for additional styling and game effects

Specific Features

  • function for adding gravity and causing the shapes to move up and down
Fruit.prototype.update = function() {
  this.x += this.xV;
  this.y += this.yV;

  this.xV *= 1;
  // add gravity until yV becomes positive (causes shape to move down)
  this.yV += GRAVITY;

  if (this.y > height) {
    this.visible = false;
  • function for creating random shapes
function randomFruit() {
  let x = random(width);
  let y = height;
  let size = noise(frameCount) * 50 + 20;

  const colors = [
    color(218, 20, 255),
    color(20, 57, 255),
    color(57, 255, 40),
    color(255, 218, 20)

  let col = colors.randomElement();
  let speed = random(3, 5);
  let bad = (random() > 0.85);
  if (bad) col = color(255, 20, 57);

  return new Fruit(x, y, size, col, speed, bad);

Implementation Timeline

Day 1: Create basic entry file and skeleton of other classes
Day 2: Add canvas to app and display shapes
Day 3: Add functionality for sword swipe and shape destruction
Day 4: Style canvas, shapes and game controls

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