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Undocumented Project

Week 1:

  • complete all game ideas in outline format
    • Research
  • make explicit what will happen on each screen or each step
    • how many choices per page
    • what are the questions
    • how to lose, win
    • what show up at the end

Title: Undocumented Description beneath title: Undocumented immigrants made up 3.4% of the U.S. population in 2014, according to Pew Research Center. This game will help you understand their everyday experiences.

You decided to come to the US for a better life. According to Pew Research, one in three Mexicans said that they would migrate to the US in 2009, due to crime, economic problems, illegal drugs, and corruption.

  1. Did you try to "wait in line" to get permission to come to the US? a. yes b. no

Explanation after choice: According to the American Immigration Council, there is no line. Undocumented immigrants often do not have the connections to get a visa based on employment, family reunification, or humanitarian protection.

  1. Did you bring your children with you? a. Yes b. No

NOT ABLE TO MAKE 2a-2B RUN YET (will need switch statement). Select NO to go through rest of questions.

if yes, 2a

2a. Your children are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals, a program that allows children who came to the US under the age of 16 before June 15, 2012 to "defer action against an individual for a certain period of time." This will also allow them to apply for work permits, but it also means registering with the government, potentially giving information that could aid in deportation. The cost of the application is $465. Do you apply? a. yes b. no

Explanation after choice: Undocumented immigrants who are enrolled in DACA are able to get jobs, internships, driver's licenses, bank accounts, credit cards, and healthcare, according to the American Immigration Council Website. However, it does have to be renewed every two years, which will cost $465.

2b. Your child's DACA is about to expire as a president who opposes DACA is elected. There is uncertainty about what will happen to people who have DACA protections already. Do you renew your child's DACA?

  1. Undocumented immigrants cannot buy health insurance under the affordable care act, according to HealthCare.gov. You get sick. If you go to the doctor, you will have to pay the full cost and might have to show documentation. What do you do? a. Go to the doctor b. Postpone going to the doctor

Explanation after choice: According to the study "Undocumented Immigrants and Health Care Reform", Latino immigrants tend to have a better health status than people who are born in the US, however when they arrive they may have to deal with other factors that that take away their health advantages, including fears of deportation (Berk and Schur 2001; Hacker et al. 2011). Any conditions that undocumented immigrants do have "may be allowed to progress without detection or treatment due ot significant barriers to health care access (Achkar et al. 2008; Coritsidis et al. 2004; Dang, Giordano and Kim 2012)."

  1. You get into a car accident. What do you do? a. be honest with the other driver, and ask them not to report to insurance b. drive away Explanation: Unless you live in one of 12 states that allows undocumented immigrants to have a driver's license, not having one could potentially put you at risk for deportation. According to procon.org, undocumented immigrants are able to get drivers' licenses in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

End screen: As an undocumented immigrant, there are many services and opportunities that are unavailable to you. To learn more about this, please see the resources below: (here I will link to all the websites I used)

I decided that there will be no way to win - because this issues is a little more complex than the income inequality issue in Spent.

Research: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/03/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/ https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/consideration-deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-daca https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/two-years-and-counting-assessing-growing-power-daca https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/coverage/ https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/why-don%E2%80%99t-they-just-get-line http://healthpolicy.ucla.edu/publications/Documents/PDF/undocumentedreport-aug2013.pdf http://immigration.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=005535

Week 3:

  • add in 2a and 2b
  • how to fix buttons on desktop using columns
  • create a brief plan to fix problems
  • add in highcharts

Added questions 2a(different explanations for yes and no) and 2b Now there are three different paths: without children, with children, and with children who have DACA

2b. Your child's DACA is about to expire as a president who opposes DACA is elected. There is uncertainty about what will happen to people who have DACA protections already. Do you renew your child's DACA? Research for this question: https://www.nilc.org/issues/daca/daca-after-trump-q-and-a/

highcharts graph source: http://www.migrationpolicy.org/data/unauthorized-immigrant-population/state/US I am using a bar chart because the data does not add up to 100%

plan to fix problems:

  • add more information about resources people can go to for more information
  • include more graphs with data on the questions asked
  • include breadcrumbs, or a progress bar
  • link back to homepage once created

Final summary of my Project

I enjoyed working on this project because it allowed me to create something from scratch while using the skills I've learned in this course. This is definitely something I will try to polish to include as part of my portfolio. I think the most challenging part of this project was keeping things consistent between the Javascript and the HTML files. Because I used bootstrap, I only had to slightly alter the CSS. Since the game was inspired by Spent, I tried to include consequences, but because this issue is more complex it was difficult to come up with consequences that people who aren't undocumented would relate to. Overall I think that I managed to create an informative quiz, that would allow a player to find out more about the issue if they wanted to.