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Starting with an image of a 100% brightness sun, a 50% and 25% sun, we find the centers of each and align them to background fiducials.


There is one large chunk of the program that is incomplete, and that is the part where once 4 closest fiducials to each solar center are found, how to identify each of them. This has proven to be a worthy adversary of a problem but once it is solvable.

Code Synopsis

  • Load a starting image
  • Load a parameter table
  • Calculate necessary parameters
  • Centroid suns in image
  • Ignore suns that are either partially cut off the sides of the image or are too close to the image edge
  • Align center positions to background fiducials


Emphasis is placed on the speed of the code because only the necessary bits will be converted into C++ and installed on the on-board flight computer of the spacecraft. Real-time image analysis must be fast and robust while ground-based analysis (which we will control how much of is offloaded) can be assigned more time. As a result, many functions and tricks used in the code attempt to use as simple tools as possible, eliminating the need for complicated HISTOGRAM() functions and the like (although there are a few of those in there, sorry).

To give a sense of the speed, a 1290 by 960 image with 3 suns takes about .2 seconds from start to finish, from loading the image to calculating the centers of the suns and analyzing the center position from the 4 closest fiducial marks.

Code Overview

WARNING. These functions may not be used in all versions of the code. for a complete listing, please see doc_lib/index.html

  • alpha/beta/(some greek letter) -- Loads the image, sets necessary variables, and prints out solar centers. The program that calls all others.
  • defsysvarthresh -- Defines thresholds to mask the solar regions. Dynamic.
  • everysun -- Finds the centers of each sun-shaped object
  • picksun -- Eliminates suns that are cut off the ends of our image
  • limbfit -- Finds a more accurate center of a whole sun using solar limbs
  • fid_locate -- Identifies and returns the positions of fiducials within a cropped subsolar region
  • quickmask -- Finds the center of a mask where pixels are above a certain threshold
  • makestrips -- Make full-length strips based on approximate solar center
  • centroidwholesuns -- Finds the centers of a triple-sun image and appends offsets and angles into a new structure. Currently disabled since we don't know exactly how we want to organize the offsets/angles
  • setbetterpeak -- Finds peaks in 2nd derivative of sorted image data
  • picksun -- Decides which suns to ignore. Utilizes two bottom corner masks as a "BAD" zone.
  • picksun_rot -- An improvement on picksun, uses coordinate rotation instead of masking; much faster thanks to Gordon.
  • para_fid -- Fits two one-dimensional parabolas (one in each direction) to a fiducial and calculates the intersection for subpixel accuracy
  • npixfit -- Linear fit to limb strips with an arbitrary number of limb pixels
  • idsuns -- Defines solar regions, uses IDL's LABEL_REGION which must be eschewed.
  • defparams -- Defines global parameters from an external parameter file
  • cyoalimbstrips -- The most recent iteration of ""; makes trimmed-down limb strips of data from full-length strips provided from makestrips.
  • best4 -- Chooses the 4 closest fiducials from the center of a given sun.


  • Once 4 closest fiducials to solar centers are found, how to identify which one
  • Organize directory, needs to be more obvious what to run

To Actually Run The Code

cd to a directory within suncentering, for example, jul25, then in idl enter


You should see three windows. In window 0 is the original image with the centers of each sun identified with two intersecting white lines. In window 2 the fiducials in each sun are identified with a white pixel. In window 3, only the 4 closest fiducials to the center of each sun is marked with a white pixel.

Separate But Still Closely Related Software

These analysis programs fit polynomials to edges of slats in a mask image. The goal is to accurately determine the edges of slats in a mask for calibration and testing purposes. Currently we are determining the best way to illuminate the bundles. The leading option is to use front, diffuse lighting with the facing edge of each slat to be sanded down.