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Notes: Week 1: Principles

A round-up of things people want to learn in this class. I will take a shot at synthesizing these soon.

Structure and editing

  • Better structure of writing
  • Better structure for writing
  • Having a flow
  • Flow
  • Structure
  • Structure
  • Editing multiple pieces so they fit together
  • Edit effectively
  • Organizing many pieces over time
  • How to structure a thesis
  • Modify / refine many times


  • Learn how to express ideas in a way that others can relate to
  • Learn to be more clear in writing
  • Make my writing readable
  • How to write clearly (thoughts) composition
  • Not getting the meat of the project's concept across
  • Unclear
  • Not expressing clearly
  • To not be able to communicate my point of view
  • Going down the wrong path for too long
  • How to make content attractive but also easy to understand
  • To learn techniques to better express myself

Thesis prep

  • Effective ways to document the whole of thesis—ready for a user to read
  • Have a thesis that is easy for people to understand quickly
  • Come up with a thesis topic
  • Fearful about not being able to boil down a topic for thesis
  • Not being able to focus thoughts for thesis
  • Define / decide on ideas
  • Not doing anything meaningful
  • Not knowing what to work on
  • Having one shot at something and fucking it up
  • Thesis - everything

Style, voice, and tone

  • Define my voice
  • Changing style and tone
  • Adding voice / character
  • How to use different tones for different topics
  • Writing for web v. academic
  • Showing my personality through my writing
  • Not finding my voice
  • Stylistic writing skills
  • Not "academic" enough
  • How to write casually v. formally
  • Confusing voice / style
  • Defining my style / voice
  • Tone of writing not right
  • Wrong tone
  • Fun style without cheesing it out
  • Write funny jokes
  • Overusing puns
  • Being boring
  • Boring
  • Boring
  • Boring


  • The right words to communicate
  • Finding the right words
  • Learn more vocabulary
  • Vocabulary
  • Limitation of vocabulary
  • Invent new words


  • Making a title
  • Better at writing headlines


  • Better grammar
  • Grammar issues
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Fear of making silly grammar mistakes lol
  • Spelling wrong
  • Fluency
  • Mastering commas


  • Conciseness
  • How to get to the point without being abrupt
  • Understand how to make key point early
  • Redundant sentences
  • Meandering / not having a point
  • Concise sentences that are no so comma happy
  • How much is too much with writing
  • Write concisely
  • Better able to write short UI copy that works
  • Writing not direct enough, too analytically

Feedback and collaboration

  • Showing other people my work
  • To be judged on my writing style
  • To get constructive feedback
  • Not getting constructive feedback
  • How to best ask for feedback
  • Learn to read stuff out loud in a way people will listen
  • Critique writing effectively
  • Having others read your shitty writing
  • To be able to participate in a discussion with effective writing
  • Understanding what others write better
  • How to include others in the process
  • Working with others to make one piece
  • Collaborative writing


  • Learn how to create a template
  • To use writing as a thinking tool
  • Relying on text when [I] should be communicating visually
  • Relying on writing too much in communicating
  • When to apply text to supplement visual / diagram
  • When to write v. when to sketch
  • Using writing as prototype part of the design process
  • Powerful writing for UX research
  • Learning what design people look for in writing
  • Learning writing in design best practices
  • Writing tools in design (frameworks)
  • How to write practically
  • Ability to communicate thought and design process in non-repetitive ways
  • How to address questions that have come up with my process that can prompt interaction and ongoing conversation with users


  • Making time / routine for writing
  • Make writing as a daily habit
  • Learn to write regularly
  • Writing about topics that work
  • Build habits
  • Write more
  • Losing interest in what I'm writing
  • Forced writing (length)
  • Producing shitty writing
  • Strategies to overcome writer's block
  • Important but also painful
  • Time consuming
  • Having to read your own shitty writing (out loud)
  • Overcome the fear of writing in English
  • Use writing to be better at being a person
  • Writing fast
  • Having to write all the time

Specific types of content

  • Cover letters
  • Cover letter
  • Cover letter for different companies
  • Cover letter that is not fake
  • Get faster at writing emails and thank you notes
  • Emails
  • How to cold email and get people impressed with your writing!
  • Use writing (email, text) to build a good relationship
  • Examples of good writing — different forms — cover letters, portfolio, process briefs
  • Project writing
  • Scripts for video

Persuasive writing

  • Persuasive writing skills
  • Learn how to be convincing
  • Learn to gauge the appropriate amount of detail for the context


  • Storyteller
  • Creating a story
  • How to tell a good story
  • Fearful about not being able to add emotional value to the writing, making people see what I see
  • To be able to make people see, feel, and understand what I see, feel, and understand
  • How to convey a narrative via an engaging story
  • Capturing and holding attention
  • How to grab attention
  • Writing too sciencey and not narratively enough
  • Impactful writing
  • How to make people feel with my writing


  • Spreading the word
  • Publicize my work
  • Be good at Twitter
  • 140 character tweet for ideas
  • Tweet! in 140 words
  • Blogging
  • Blogging about process
  • Ensure reader is engaged throughout the entire blog post

Everything else

  • Long readings
  • Homework
  • Forgetting everything
  • Writing something offensive