All information related to the LOAD CSV meetup / webinar.
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This code accompanies the webinar Using LOAD CSV in the Real World.


  • Download Consumer_Complaints.csv here. Note that your .csv file might have more rows than mine did; they appear to update the data regularly.

  • Find the arrows tool here.

  • Sublime Text 2 (the editor used in the webinar) along with the Cypher plugin.


  • Change line 1 of load.cql to point to the location of your Consumer_Complaints.csv file.

    • OSX and Unix: file:///path/to/Consumer_Complaints.csv
    • Windows: file:C:/path/to/Consumer_Complaints.csv
  • Send load.cql to the neo4j-shell: ./bin/neo4j-shell -file load.cql

Important Note that this import was done on a 16GB machine. If you have less RAM and particularly if you are on Windows, please see these blog posts:

Also note that in the original webinar, I split Consumer_Complaints.csv into separate files to deal with rows with empty strings. Since then, I've modified the script to only use Consumer_Complaints.csv but with empty strings filtered out for the subissues and subproducts:

WITH line WHERE line.`Sub-issue` <> ''
WITH line WHERE line.`Sub-product` <> ''


Run all the example queries:

./bin/neo4j-shell -file query.cql