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Fetches balances from Coinbase API and returns them as securities

Extension Setup

You can get a signed version of this extension from

  • the dist directory in this repository

Once downloaded, move Coinbase.lua to your MoneyMoney Extensions folder.

Note: This extension requires MoneyMoney Version 2.2.18 (288) or newer.

Account Setup


  1. Log in to your Coinbase account
  2. Go to Settings → API
  3. Click "New API Key"
  4. Under "Accounts", enable checkboxes for accounts you want to use
  5. Under "API v2 Permissions", check "wallet:user:read" and "wallet:accounts:read" (the others aren’t needed)
  6. Click "Create"


Add a new account (type "Coinbase Account") and use your Coinbase API key as username and your Coinbase API secret as password.


MoneyMoney screenshot with Coinbase balances