Arduino101 sketch used in MOOVBIT project
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Arduino101 sketch used in MOOVBIT project


This sketch is running on the MOOVBIT TAG device in the MOOVBIT project. The MOOVBIT project is an IOT architecture for monitoring athletes in sports. The two sketches (one for collecting sensors data and exposing them, the other for TDD tests) are a minor part of a bigger software architecture. Also I freely released tests of IOT procotols and a library for Blueetoth Low Energy communication on other Github repositories.

In security-fix branch you can find an implementation of a simple authentication schema (called HSEC) using "Siphash", a HMAC-like library. This allows MOOVBIT TAG device exchange data only with authorized readers/writers.


All informations can be found downloading the thesis document @


This project is released under MIT license as you can check in file.