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Cmdlets to manage Azure AD Group based Licensing
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PowerShell Cmdlets to manage Azure AD Group based Licensing.

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Using the module

  1. Install the module: Install-Module -Name AzureADLicensing -AllowClobber
  2. If you hav the deprecated AzureRM module installed, uninstall it first Uninstall-AzureRm
  3. Authenticate to Azure: Get-AuthToken

Available commands

Get available licenses and services:


Get included service plans for a license:

$m365= Get-AADLicenseSku | Where-Object {$ -match "Microsoft 365 E5"}

Add new license assignment:

Add-AADGroupLicenseAssignment -groupId "a5e95316-1c03-44d7-afac-efd0e788122c" -accountSkuId "nicolasuter:FLOW_FREE"

Add license assignmnet with disabled plan:

Add-AADGroupLicenseAssignment -groupId 0a918505-d0d5-4078-9891-0e8bec67cb65 -accountSkuId "nicolasuter:SPE_E5" -disabledServicePlans @("MYANALYTICS_P2")

Update license assignment:

Update-AADGroupLicenseAssignment -groupId "a5e95316-1c03-44d7-afac-efd0e788122c" -accountSkuId "nicolasuter:FLOW_FREE"

Remove license assignment:

Remove-AADGroupLicenseAssignment -groupId "a5e95316-1c03-44d7-afac-efd0e788122c" -accountSkuId "nicolasuter:FLOW_FREE"

Get license assignments:

Get-AADGroupLicenseAssignment -groupId "a5e95316-1c03-44d7-afac-efd0e788122c"
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