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import uuid
from cassandra.cluster import Cluster
from cassandra.cqlengine import columns
from cassandra.cqlengine import connection
from import sync_table
from cassandra.cqlengine.models import Model
from datetime import datetime
from project.settings import CASSANDRA_NODES
KEYSPACE = 'posts_db'
# Set up the connection with the IPs of the nodes and the keyspace
session = connection.get_session()
class PostModel(Model):
__table_name__ = 'posts'
username = columns.Text(primary_key=True, required=True)
creation = columns.TimeUUID(primary_key=True, required=True, default=uuid.uuid1)
content = columns.Text(required=True)
def count(cls):
return cls.objects.count()
def select_user_latest(cls, username, n=100):
return cls.objects(username=username).limit(n)
def select_user_latest_with_date(cls, username, n=100):
return session.execute("""
SELECT username, creation, dateOf(creation) as creation_date, content
FROM posts
WHERE username=%s
ORDER BY creation DESC
def create_post(cls, username, content):
return cls.create(username=username, content=content)