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A Go client for the APIs provided by the French National Library on top of the Gallica Digital Library, as documented at

Just playing around with them atm, do not use.


  • Table of Contents. Given an ark identifier for a document in the digital library, retrieves its Table of Content and returns it as json. Unit tested for TEI tables of contents, not for HTML table of contents - should more or less work.
  • IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework): standardized API to retrieve and manipulate images from the digital library

Not implemented

  • Serials Holding: retrieves the years and issues for a periodical publication
  • Metadata: retrieves the metadata / bibliographic data for a document
  • Pages: retrieves the pages informations for a document, e.g. at which page is there a table of content in the document?
  • Occurrence: retrieves the list of occurrences of a term in an indexed document
  • Text: retrieves the OCRed text of a page / document
  • Image: retrieves the image of a physical page of a document in various predefined formats (thmbnail, etc.)
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