Simple example to integrate Framework7 into Meteor routing
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The best way to have Meteor & F7 together would now be to use (with vue-router) + Not tested yet, but looks awesome :)


Demo :

This is a very simple example to integrate Framework7 into Meteor routing. This repo has been created as a test case related to this issue :


It does support URL mapping and the swipe back feature from Framework7.

It doesn't properly support back/forward browser buttons (content always come from right) and different header contents.


Iron Router is used here, but you can use whichever you want. The only important part is that new content must be added in the .pages div, and _uihooks correctly bound.

Installing and contributing

Just clone this repo and run the 'meteor' command. You should not need anything else !

Feel free to use, fork, edit... But this repo is not meant to become anything more than a test case !