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PGN and chess game databases
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This library produces chess games databases from PGN files and provides some
predicates for manipulating these databases.

Once connected to a number of chess_db databases, all kinds of information about the games
can be interrogated. (see chess_db_opening/2 for an example).

Ideally we want to hook this pack to a web-page interface for playing the games as we select them.

---+++ Installation:

?- pack_install( chess_db ).

The pack includes code to:

  • parse PGN's pgn/2
  • store the parsed terms into prosqlite databases chess_db/2
  • manipulate the resulting databases chess_db_opening_pgn/2

There are two example databases in data/ and an example program, examples/

---+++ Dependencies


  • prosqlite
  • db_facts
  • stoics_lib
  • options

---+++ Basics

By default, chess database dirs contain 3 sqlite databases:

  • game_info.sqlite contains game_info(Gid,Key,Val) info about each game
  • game_move.sqlite table is of form game_move(Gid,Num,Turn,Move)
  • game_orig.sqlite table is game_orig(Gid,Orig); where Orig is the verbatim of the section in the PGN for that game

A number of databases can be connected at the same time.

For example a number of databases can be declared in dir/1 terms within file:
~/.pl/ see options_append/3.

---+++ Example

== ?- [pack('chess_db/examples/')]. ?- short. % creates a chess_db in subdirectory short/ from data/4ncl_short.pgn % and displays the game ids for games that start with [e4,e6] (French defence) ...

?- french. % creates a new pgn file from the base for the 2 games in short/ that start with e4,e6 % Handles already exist, for chess_db directory: '/home/nicos/pl/packs/src/chess_db/examples/short' gid(chdbs((0x71b4f0),(0xe577f0),(0xe13400)):1) gid(chdbs((0x71b4f0),(0xe577f0),(0xe13400)):31) writting_to_file(short/french.pgn) true.

% open file french.pgn on program that can play the games

---+++ Pack info

@author nicos angelopoulos @version 0.1 2018/3/18 @see @see @see [pack('chess_db/examples/')] @see pack(prosqlite), pack(db_facts), pack(stoics_lib), pack(options)

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