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Chrome Extension to share your current account with others without revealing your password, securely.
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Firefox add-on (thanks to Hritwik!)


Chrome Extension to share your account without giving out your password.


  1. Ask the recipient for their code (found on the extension menu RECEIVE ACCOUNT)
  2. Go to the site from where you want to share the account and click the extension icon.
  3. Press SHARE ACCOUNT and enter the code with an optional timeout.
  4. Press SHARE and copy the result.
  5. The recipient, still on the RECEIVE ACCOUNT, menu pastes the text on the Share result textbox and presses the RECEIVE button.

🎩 Voilà

How it works?

The extension uses the Standford Javascript Crypto Lib implementation of EC-ElGamal. It generates a new public-private key combination for each extension upon first use and uses it to encrypt/decrypt the session.

Appart for the keys, it doesn't store anything more than the URL/title of the sessions stored (to show them on the ACCOUNT HISTORY menu).

If you want to be extra careful, you can always regenerate your keys on the extension.

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