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Your Carrot App Docs

Getting Started Video

Take a look the video below in which I execute the app and configure an entire Carrot plan structure from scratch.

See "Your Carrot App: Getting Started" on Youtube

Also, take a look at the Impromptu Guide



This is the main entity. It represents a one-sight signal of the current focus on a particular time.


A period is a Filter Rule. That means that it will be used to decide which Carrot is active at a given point in time. The period defines the date range in which the carrot is available. You can have many periods per carrot. This brings a lot of flexibility to carrots and lets you define One Carrot per focus.

For example. If you create a carrot to be focused on task X at all Mondays at 9 am and all Tuesdays at 6 pm, but because of some reason for the next three months it will happen between 5 to 7 am just on Fridays. Having multiple periods will let you schedule all that in just one carrot.

Filter Rule

A Filter Rule is a condition that is matched against the point in time X. It is applied to all carrots every 0.2 seconds. The Filter Rules available now are: Periods, Daytimes, Weekdays, Months, Years, Priority.


Filter Rule. Default: 0 to 23:59 hrs It is the hour:minute range in which the current Carrot is active. You can define multiple daytimes. Examples: 9 to 18 hrs, 19 to 20 hrs.


Filter Rule. Default: All. It is the day/s of the week in which the current Carrot is active.

Months & Years

Filter Rule. Default: All. It is the month/s of the year and the years of the Gregorian Calendar in which the current Carrot is active.

Conflict detector

This is a tool to run a simulation of a date, and see which Carrots are overlapping. It is very useful to validate our configurations at planning time. I added this soon after I started using the app because it was really hard to remember all Carrots and double checking other Schedules. I will keep improving this tools in order to make it even more easy.

Do not disturb

Inspired in Deep Work, this feature will let you activate the Do Not Disturb mode on your OS (this feature just works on macOs), meaning that you will not recibe notifications when that Carrot is active (with the default Do Not Disturb configuration).


Filter Rule. Default: 100 (lower) If more than one Carrot is active for a given time, the priority will be used to decide which one is more important to select as active. Possible values: 1 to 100 (the lower, the more important)

Impromptu Carrot

An Impromptu Carrot is a Carrot that is started just right when you jump in to focus on that Carrot. Internally this creates a period for the next time block and sets a high priority to it, so it overlaps with the current Carrot if there is one active. You can have none or one Impromptu Carrot at any given time, but no more than one. If you want to start with a different Impromptu Carrot you must first stop the current one. That is enforced by the application, you don't have to worry about this.

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