A Fiji plugin for analysis of Scanning Angle Interference Microscopy data
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#Saim, an ImageJ/Fiji plugin Saim is short for Scanning Angle Interference Microscopy. It is a fluorescence microscope technique used to measure height differences with nanometer resolution. The following publication describes it in full:
Paszek, M.J., DuFort, C.C., Rubashkin, M.G., Davidson, M.W., Thorn, K.S., Liphardt, J.T., and Weaver, V.M. (2012). Scanning angle interference microscopy reveals cell dynamics at the nanoscale. Nat Meth 9, 825–827.

The code in this repository is for an ImageJ/Fiji plugin to perform the analysis described in Matt's paper. A manual for the use of this plugin can be found on the ImageJ2 website.

Like other ImageJ plugins, the code for the plugin is written in Java. To build it, use maven or any Java IDE that works with maven projects.

The easiest way to use this plugin is to install Fiji and activate the ValeLabUtils update site (Help > Update Fiji > Manage update sites).