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Arduino programs I2C for Oled
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OledPix A compact "no buffer" lib for SSD1306

OledMap A compact lib for SSD1306, need 1k buffer

Oled screen

The OledPix lib is an include file written in C. This means one simple file to refer to, one setup function to call.

See [OledPix][1] for the structure,

[OledLib Functions][2] for the list of commands, and [OledLib OledI2C] for the two I2C libraries of minimum size. [1]: [2]: [3]:

Application examples tested on Arduino exist in French.

The picture shows also a PIC 10F202 (512 12-bit instructions) programmed in assembler.

OledPix.h lib is quite useful to help debugging, showing variables and sensors values in integer and graphic modes, adding only 1k of program and few ms to update a value on screen or write the next dot (no buffer to transfer).

OledPix.h consists of 6 subfiles. OledCommand.h is required. OledGenc.h (600 bytes) may not need the lower cases or stripped to keep hex digits only. OledCar.h is not required if the oscilloscope function is only used, OledNum.h create hexa and decimal numbers, OledBig.h takes 500 bytes to get double size numbers, OledGra.h is very small, only dots (a multitrace scope needs 300 bytes).

OledMap.h proposes in addition OledLineCircleMap.h, which works on OledPix.h, but misses pixels.

OledMap is faster when you call a function and draw inside memory, but the required Show(); instruction to see the result takes 70 ms.

OledMap has the advantage over GFX that one can modify a function, add a new one in minutes, or remove it to save program memory. With little programming skill, one can do a mix of OledPix and OledMap to have a small bitmap with frequent updates and use direct write to the rest of the screen.

Small is beautifull. You can see the OledPix.h listing and OledMap.h listing complete listing (5 pages with LilaMerge).

Complement on Nov 16, 2017. - compatibility with Oled32

Function DoubleH(); (void DoubleH () {Cmd (0xda);Cmd (0x02);}) Does limit the height to 4 lines instad of 8. On the 128x64, texts and numbers have double height, single width. Faster to write than double size characters. On the 128x32, you get the normal size.

Complement on March 29, 2018 - I2C handlers comparizon and multiple OledFunctions

Documentation coming. See links on