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Latest commit 05b5c20 May 12, 2017 @nicoulaj add hyperterm config
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.bazaar Fix launchpad credentials Dec 7, 2016
.config zsh: fix prompt doc Feb 24, 2017
.m2 mvn: improve versions rules Feb 12, 2017
.ssh ssh: remove some deprecated options May 12, 2017
bin mvn: can use with rainbow now Apr 3, 2017
.ackrc Add Ack conf file Jan 9, 2011
.colorsvnrc Add confs for colorsvn and colorgcc Dec 31, 2010
.dir_colors dircolors: add vim format type Aug 27, 2011
.gitconfig git: fix AUR clone URL May 12, 2017
.gitignore Add edit-command-line widget on CTRL+X E Dec 31, 2010
.hgrc hg: add hg-git extension Dec 7, 2016
.hyper.js add hyperterm config May 12, 2017
.jython Add script for updating OBS packages Feb 28, 2017
.zshrc fedora: refresh on upgrade Mar 30, 2017