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Easily colorize commands output using patterns.

rainbow [ --COLOR=PATTERN ... | --conf CONF ] COMMAND


Using the command line

Prepend rainbow with --COLOR=PATTERN associations to your command, for example:

  • Tail some log file with lines containing ERROR in red:

    rainbow --red=ERROR tail -f /var/log/my.log
  • You can also pipe commands output into rainbow:

    tail -f /var/log/my.log | rainbow --red=ERROR

Using configs

Rainbow can load configuration for each command from files, which is the most convenient way to use it. When running rainbow mycommand, rainbow will automatically look for a config named mycommand.cfg in ~/.config/rainbow, ~/.rainbow, /etc/rainbow, or builtin configs:

  • Colorize the diff command output using the builtin config:

    rainbow diff file1 file2
  • Start my custom command, using ~/.rainbow/mycommand.cfg:

    rainbow mycommand

The syntax for writing configs is straightforward, see the builtin configs for examples. See also the commands support table.


Using packages

System Installation instructions
Debian / RPM based rainbow repository (sources here)
Arch Linux AUR/rainbow / AUR/rainbow-git
pip PyPI: rainbow

Building from sources

You can build from sources this way:

git clone git://
cd rainbow
python build install --user


Contributions are welcome, please see CONTRIBUTING.


This project is a fork of Linibou's colorex. It is is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See COPYING for details.