Update gem-maven-plugin.version to 1.0.0-rc4 for Maven 3.1 compatibility #19

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labria commented Nov 16, 2013

Please merge this and bump plugin version, this will enable Maven 3.1 users to use your plugin.

labria commented Nov 16, 2013

This actually breaks vagrant:destroy, because the linked version of jruby lacks the #destroy alias on Pathname, see jruby/jruby#1201

@labria labria closed this Nov 16, 2013

If I read well, jruby/jruby#1201 is fixed in jruby 1.7.7.
gem-maven-plugin allows to set the jruby version, default value is 1.7.6.
All we need to do is it to set it here.

@nicoulaj nicoulaj reopened this Nov 16, 2013
labria commented Nov 16, 2013

I'll try that now, thanks!

labria commented Nov 16, 2013

Well, that's sad. It's declared private, you can not override it:

jrubyVersion has private access in de.saumya.mojo.jruby.AbstractJRubyMojo

The docs actually say that you can override it with -Djruby.version or properties, but I can't seem to make it work (spent last couple of hours trying).


I think it may work by overriding getJRubyVersion() instead.

labria commented Nov 16, 2013

This looks hackish, and does not work =)

import de.saumya.mojo.jruby.JRubyVersion;
    protected JRubyVersion getJrubyVersion()
        new JRubyVersion( "1.7.8" );

results in:

[ERROR] /Users/labria/Documents/Code/java/vagrant-maven-plugin/src/main/java/net/nicoulaj/maven/plugins/vagrant/AbstractVagrantMojo.java:[176,9] JRubyVersion(java.lang.String) is not public in de.saumya.mojo.jruby.JRubyVersion; cannot be accessed from outside package
jegr78 commented Jan 7, 2014

Setting the ruby version should be done like that in pom.xml:

@barclay-reg barclay-reg added a commit to barclay-reg/vagrant-maven-plugin that referenced this pull request May 9, 2015
@barclay-reg barclay-reg redo pull-request nicoulaj#19, but including correctly set jruby version ce0802f

I updated gem-maven-plugin to 1.1.4 in 8b71ef0.

@nicoulaj nicoulaj closed this Mar 12, 2016
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