v2.0 Complete Changelog

nicupavel edited this page Aug 15, 2012 · 1 revision

d5dc Merge pull request #7 from nicupavel/touch-interface
2f4d Merge pull request #6 from lucaiuli/touch-interface
09185 equipment unit class icons changed
b5e4 Merge pull request #3 from nicupavel/touch-interface
5bb3 Make equipment window class buttons stay selected
e918 Prefer to hide UI elements with display: none instead of visibility: hidden. This solves the issue where OS widgets interfere with mouse selection on canvas.
0fb7 Merge pull request #5 from lucaiuli/touch-interface
27fe ui-message.png changed
7fe1 Added option to visually mark units that belong to currently player
c588 Merge pull request #2 from nicupavel/touch-interface
1ddc Merge pull request #4 from lucaiuli/touch-interface
ca17 changed currency.png and unit-box-pressed-over.png
adfc Fixed bad scrolling when selecting units directly in current unit list. Fix scrolling in current unit list when a unit is selected from the map.
0121 Fixed upgrading from a unit that has transport to a unit that doesn’t accept transport (artillery and anti-tank weapons)
1a92 Merge pull request #1 from nicupavel/touch-interface
54d2 Fixed misleading graphical assets credits.
a15f Fixed merge conflict with missing undo-over.png
b42b Upped version to 2.0 Added contributor
7fd4 new -over images pngs
f7dc strict javascript fixes
1e17e Fixed equality check on player object
a2d11 We can’t replace unit with a savedUnit in undoLastMove since it will break the equipment window code. We just restore back the properties on same object to be safe.
3d04 Fix issues with undo move by saving a copy of the unit before moving. This way fuel, moveLeft, entenchments will be restored properly.
a1e9 Implemented undo move for units that haven’t spotted new units
0f47 Fix the toggle buttons from the main menu. hexGrid is not shown by default.
9001 icons changed
eb42 Update README to reflect new menu graphics are no longer taken from original Panzer General 2
e1ab Added updateStatusBarLocation function to display selected unit on touch devices
0035 When selecting the starting unit use handleUnitSelect function to get contextual menu, and update unit info window
27b3 Fixes for strict javascript mode in UI
fa07 UI cleanups
7a41 Fix wrapping on country names that have space
7b81 Updated project structure README
2a7a Added country name below flag in unit-info window
648b Replaced unit box with a scope graphic on unit-info window
bedfe Make unit-info window strech to fill till the bottom of the screen
c2f2 Make deployment list strech to entire allowable size even if the containing units sizes are less.
2427 Change from style.visibility to style.display to fix invisible scrollbars blocking mouseover and making easier to manage DOM children visibility
f4b8 Show update/buy buttons when it’s possible to update/buy, disable downgrading, make costs text bound to the buttons.
ac9e Make transport in equipment view deselectable. Select transport by default if unit has transport. Fix upgrade functions when only transport or unit it’s updated.
c3b5 updateEquipmentWindow cleanups
8a6f Fixed wrong icon for tank class in equipment window
33e6 Don’t display fuel numbers for units that don’t use fuel, and make ammo/fuel red when falling below a limit.
bd8f Fix current unit list selections when equipment window is hidden
931f Implemented displaying buy/upgrade costs for units in equipment window
7b9f Force consistent equipment unit selections with unit class
23e6 Added eqInfoBox for displaying buy/upgrade costs
8e418 Move country selection button close to equipment buy/upgrade buttons
6baa Replaced misleading Ok button in equipment window with Close button
fb01 Move unit upgrade/buy cost calculations to GameRules. Added cost penalty for upgrading units.
4118 Fixed typo
9141 Equipment window now allows buying/upgrading transports
c2b8 Added transport selection to equipment window for units that can be transported
d2df Added function to check if a unit can be transported in a ground transport
af61 Added back unit box on pressed state
e8c2 Removed no longer used graphic assets
6dfa Implemented the new Equipment window
904c Added possibility to change back to unit stats after changing to transport stats in unit info window. Don’t hide unit info window when clicking a unit contextual button.
0c02 Added unit info transport icon
c9dc Added button to show transport info on unit info window
a441 Make unit info window visible when equipment window is opened
6681 Fixed buttons being not added on touch devices
b89c Unit info window style changes and small css fixups
97a4 Implemented new Unit Info window and changed behaviour of inspect button and right click actions.
979d Added options button and make mainmenu button only fold/unfold the slidemenu
c0a3 Fixed viewport zoom option and removed empty unit contextual menu when no unit was selected
ac44 Replace all occurences of innerHTML = "" by clearTag function
b948 Fix bringing unit into viewport when a scenario is loaded first time.
aaf9 Implemented left side slide menu, unit contextual menu
6623 Added left side slidemenu, unit contextual menu
77d3b Use new images in the css files
3d0f Added functions to insert a tag before another tag and to clear all children of a tag
6a89 OptiPNG on new widgets
c311 Added new interface widgets
bd6d Fix hex grid drawing when changing scenario
75ea Implemented viewport for game area for better performance and less dependency on window context
5046 Restrict scale on touch devices
1d95 Use dom.js functions when creating layers and make game container div size as window size for performance improvements
29f9 AddTag now supports creating tags without appending them as child to the DOM
09189 Fixed issue where units standing on a river but with a bridge/road still had they attack/defense diminished
f0b8 Use calculateCombatResults for better results prediction
0551 Fix losses/kills on combat evaluation
b6c0 Merge branch ‘master’ of github.com:nicupavel/openpanzer
4d87 Add calculateCombatResults for better prediction of kills/losses
6e87 Make bouce div smaller since it prevents click-thru and make white-space nowrap
d5f7 Reduce attack value of a surprised unit in half
9756 Don’t allow players on same side gain prestige by capturing their hexes
02b1 Add a text popup when a unit is surprised.
3f5b Set unit as surprised if movement results in a surprise encounter
0e8f Units that are surprised when moving are fired upon. Added moveAnimation callback
c784 Unit movement range can go over hidden enemy units which will lead to unit being surprised
174a moveUnit now correctly moves unit to the last possible hex in the shortestPath
cb9a Fuel and movement points are decreased with the total cost of the path used by the unit instead of just distance. Moved shortestPath call from UI to the map.moveUnit
44fc Start implementing hex by hex movement for surprise contact
5a67 Implemented recon/phased movement
4bfa0 Added terrain cost when calculating shortest path between 2 movement allowed hexes
0aaa Removed duplicate properties of pathCell object
5c81 Do not allow units to enter hexes with 255 cost (Don’t enter)
effc Reduce the size of Cell object by creating extendedCell and pathCell which inherit Cell object
0c46 Get unit position directly in getMoveRange function
4c5e Fixed unit has fired indicator transparency
df40 Removed unused hex and unit properties
2c26 Remove duplicate cells being copied when building cells for movement
1996 Fix units names being shown on top bar even if the units are hidden
24ac Fix air defense not being able to fire on airplanes above. Fix units not firing on temporary spotted units.
1023 Refresh move selected hexes after a unit has fired to see new move options if a unit has been destroyed
5cba Combat rules additions
ba7e Small fix for unit strength box width
8950 Make unit strength box shrink with the number and added new font
6e30 Added new fonts for unit info
04ea1 Fixed wrong zindex on cursor/animation layer
f1b3 Added pixel fonts for unit strength number and combat prediction icons
b42f Make units strength box from same side but different players visually diferent
12c3 Only certain units can capture objectives
a1dc Fixed close combat formula
e091 fix typos
9c1c Fixed parsing as int to prevent js string concatenation
60dd Added close combat rules
3177 Save position of selected equipment unit so user doesn’t have to rescroll after selecting