v2.1 Complete Changelog

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Added new options in settings menu
Added more options
Updated README
Better logging on updateVictorySides
Fixed Defeat condition
Style the scenario select
Fixed issue with wrong country shown in equipment dialogs on refresh or on certain AI assignment
Made medium sized flags transparent
Removed multi list select style since doesn’t render correctly on mobile.
Make ui message dialog go behind start menu
Added new icons from Iulian Luca to match Start Menu button style
automatically select the current playing scenario in New Scenario menu.
Start Menu css cleanup
Add more scenario/player information when converting scenarios
Change ui message dialog background and page background to match the start menu style
Removed icons from old location
Added start menu dialog resources
Small fixes for start menu buttons, credits div
Added Help button and special checkboxes for AI player selection
Added new scenario information needed for the new Start Menu
Added building and handling of the Start Menu
Add a new Start Menu which is shown at the start of the game or when option button is pressed from the ingame menu
Read AI assigned players from uiSettings
Use the global uiSettings object in renderer
Save/Restore uiSettings from localStorage
Added setCurrentSide to set the localPlayingSide visibility for the local player
Move uiSettings out of UI into prototypes making it global and add more game settings to it.
Add toggleCheckbox function which allows to toggle a custom checkbox image. Custom checkboxes have 2 images, one normal and another with same name but with -checked suffix at the end. The function will toggle automatically based on the src attribute.
Allow insertTag to insert at the end of the node list of a parent
Make select/option tag transparent
Remove extra line feeds
Move scenarios descriptions from scenario files to scenario catalog file for easier handling in menu
Added defeat handling, fixed maxTurns not being saved
Added new properties from scenarios (max turns, description, file)
Updated scenarios to include maximum turns for victory and description
mapconvert saves maximum turns for victory and scenario description
Fix wrong normalisation of fuel used by units travelling thru ZOC
Fixed invalid function called instead of uiTurnInfo()
Don’t show hidden AI units on AI turn. Allow unit visibility for local hotseat mode.
Added status bar info for units involved in combat
Disable the use of 3D accelerated functions (translate3d) since it regress the performance on iOS
Only add viewport on iOS devices but don’t set scale with devicePixelRatio since it requires more rendering changes
Fix regression by commit 2ccc9d02ae889d45d9ed499b64c6d15242a1b154. Disable 3D acceleration.
Phonegap android splashes
Insert viewport dinamically
Added quirks for scrolling issue found on Chrome Mobile from Nexus 7 (Jelly Bean)
Added new splashes for phonegap build
Added smaller splashes for android
Removed big splashes (will rm refs soon)
Added GameRules function to directly get unit move and attack range
Added correct Android icons
Fixed 72×72 icon
Inform render sooner that unit is going to be animated for move
Removed obsolete TODOs
Render before moving starts
Moved rendering calls from mouse click handler to action handlers
Activating unit info window also shows current selected unit stats
Increased delay between animation chains
Fixed out of index animation frame
CSS fixes
Fix color codes
Clear last frame of an animation
Removed unneded animation canvas clear
Added movement animation by the use of translate3d
Fix sprite clipping on move animation when using css method
Force 3D acceleration on game div for webkit based browsers
Improved rendering speed of moving units especially for Android devices
Fix scrolling on gingerbread/froyo for equipment windows
Fix broken scroll on gingerbread/froyo
Force map background properties and focus map canvas by default for scrolling
added makeVisible and makeHidden functions that also handle the focus of elementsw
Added phonegap config.xml
Added splash screens
OptiPNG on new icons
New icons for various sizes
New icons
Changed message and page background images
Bring AI units into view port when they take actions
AI can now reinforce
Fixed a possible deadlock in AI processing, cleanups
Fixed issues with AI not being run
Hide the touch highlight for Android/iOS
Temporary fix for gameLoop sync
Silence JSON.parse(null) errors
Don’t allow unit selections durring AI phase
Implement AI action processing with animation delay
Export unit attack and move ui animations to be used on AI turns
Fixed issue where update player units was duplicating units on each run
Show unit id in logging
Added AI actions queue
Added parameters to event handler
Make EventHandler global
start moving to events from callbacks for easier handling in game class
Rewrite GameState and start moving logic from ui into game object
MapLoader cleanups
Changed how victory hexes are handled
Fixed wrong object member in player object
Added basic programmed functions for AI player
Don’t allow restricted units (like ships) to be bought from equipment window
toggleButton now changes firstChild automatically
Show unit instead of transport when mounted on equipment window and status bar
Added parameter to unitData to force return of unit properties array
Surprised units don’t dismount
Infantry dismounts when attacked.
Status bar now lists roads too if they exist on the hex
Renamed panzer.html to index.html