v2.4 Complete Changelog

nicupavel edited this page Mar 22, 2013 · 1 revision
  • Touch devices: Show terrain info on status bar and show terrain icons automatically on hex grid
  • Fix canvas centering issues when zooming on iOS. Force maximum-scale to max value that doesn't have performance issues
  • Add onresize event to automatically enlarge layers when user zooms page
  • Allow retina like resolution on iOS and Android.
  • Workaround for android 4.x clearRect issues.
  • Added option to mute unit combat sounds
  • Style scrollbars in webkit
  • Add option to show terrain icons when displaying hex grid.
  • Add weather/ground condition as tooltip too.
  • Added ground and weather conditions icons on status bar.
  • Make equipment sort/options buttons toggle when pressed.
  • Added option to sort the equipment units by unit stats
  • Mark enemy units on map makes unit strength box red
  • Transports for embark/disembark are now cached if player has available transports and looked up dynamically at embark.
  • Movement now takes ground conditions into account.
  • Added tables for frozen and mud movement, terrain entrenchment and initiative cap
  • Fixed bug where only airTransports where decreased on embark.