v2.5 Complete Changelog

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-Removed Spotting Range debug from UI -Added handler for map.unmount/mount unit to also handle unit spot range changes. Unmount units at the end of the turn in map object instead of unit object -GameRules: Improved combat experience formula for defending units -getCellsInRange() made range calculation optional to gain some speed -Make moved units text color lighter -DEBUG: Fix issues with Spot range on mounted/unmounted units. Keep debug messages -Fix naval icons what don’t display correctly in equipment unit list -Better alert texts for reinforcements and resupply actions -Fix prestige gains being incorrectly substracted on a undo move that had no prestige gains -Return correct values for reinforcement, when player doesn’t have enough prestige for a full possible reinforcement -Gamerules: Air units can now resupply/reinforce if directly above a naval carrier -GetMoveRange: Fix issue where hex spotting didn’t take unit tempSpotting in account leading to hex being flagged as a move destination leading to unit being overwritten. -AI: Make VH defending units less eager to attack -Only show fuel/ammo in red when below 25% -Allow changing of unit class when buying units. Also check unit upgrade to be from the same class before displaying costs -Force execution of callback even if there are no new images to load on cacheUnitImages() -Use appcache by default -Fix equipment window update after deployment when R.cacheImages() doesn’t need to execute callback -Refactored canSupply/Reinforce functions -Small fix for the attack info in status bar that was showing on 2 lines -AI: Allow capture of an objective if the defending unit was destroyed -AI: Keep a list of attacked units so we don’t attack units that might be already killed -Raise the equipment window by 5px -List tank class equipment when user selects a non-equipment class -Deploying on ocean hexes now automatically embarks ground units -Added location for the custom compiler.jar with console.log removal -Removed 1 extra frame from animation sprites -Add fixed icon anti-alias from Iulian Luca -Allow scrolling in message window for long scenario texts -make default index.html work with compiled js.Disabled campaign debug mode -Make release script work with/out compiled js. Change output dir for compiled js -Cache images of the units that are deployed as reinforcements -Added default AI for tutorial scenario when player start a fresh game -Attack animations are now cleared with composite destination-out operation instead of clearRect -Save strenght after combat round in animationCBData to have precise indication which simultaneous attack actually destroyed the unit -Added 2 new campaigns and scenario -Don’t show explosion multiple times if a unit has been destroyed during attack by multiple attackers -Replaced combat icon with svg font. Updated svg font source. -Fixes for scenarios with gibberish after filename for description -Added option to preserve case or not for case where scenarios have upper/lower case in file names -Removed unused dev appcache -Moved status bar combat info style in combat-info.css -Fix status bar text overflowing and added icon for combat message instead of “attacking” text -Check if defender has range to return fire -Added index.html for development -Fixed missing image for default unit info dialog -Fixed wrong campaign lose condition when AI actually wins -Load equipment for All Countries by default, fixed reinforcement issues on row/col 0 -Add alert when reinforcements are deployed on map -New currency icon -Removed remaining SSI original images -Change the layout of unit info window removing the scope graphic. Preparing for leader graphic -Change the layout of unit info window removing the scope graphic. Preparing for leader graphic -Equipment window layout changes -Fixed scrolling jumping when selecting a transport for a selected unit. Fixed issue when equipment windows was empty after ending a turn in which a different country was selected in equipment window. -Only do automatic resize on non-touch devices for now. This should fix issues with <select> being autoclosed on Samsung 4 browser -Make menu have higher zindex -Added new tutorial scenario test -Fixed All terrain/Mountain movement method sounds -Fixed issue with naval/air transport image query didn’t work because equipment wasn’t loaded -Moved reinforcement deploying from scenario to game to have access to UI functions -Campaign update with new titles -Scenario updates with reinforcements -Added openpanzer svn font source readme -Added openpanzer svn font source -Added support for reinforcements -Updated small flags for the new equipment -Updated missing + sign in unit strength font -Added export for reinforcement units -Make equipment sorting stable when keys value are equal -Use groundweight to match units that can be transported -Update parser for the new equipment fields -Added new country names for the new equipment -Added the new equipment based on OpenPanzer.eqp as json -Added new icons from the new equipment -Added new icons from the new equipment -Don’t force file name to capital letters -Added OpenPanzer Equipment EQP file -Added full equipment export csv for OpenPanzer Equipment -Add support for ALL SuitePG2 exported data, fixed wrong parsehints -Add support for png beside bmp, optional ram disk for faster icon processing -Support for unicode strings with latin1 codepage, limit exporting by id -Exhaustive search for filename on case sensitive filesystems -Added google closure compiler script -Add visual indication for unit reinforce -Don’t allow primary objective capture if hex is occupied. Remove freeed locations that got occupied. Treat artillery first in unit list -Fix ai unit attack on new position not restoring old position before adding to queue -Don’t show resupply/reinforce buttons if player has no prestige -Added AI move and attack action -Added AI move actions -Added development app-cache -Don’t show/play sound for AI moves that aren’t spotted -Export isCloseCombat function -Streched icons to match iOS specs -Missing space -Allow multiple actions per unit. Added test move action -Add mount/unmount actions and fix movement action -Export getAdjacent() function -Check return value of getShortestPath()