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Welcome to the MCL wiki!

If you're new here, you might want to start with one of the following pages.

  • Install: how to install, tune and test the MCL
  • Tutorial: a few common use cases

The different concepts and features are explained on their respective pages:

  • Spaces: each space is a lightweight class
  • Color: each can be "boxed" in an algebraic Color class
  • Constants: predefined color constants
  • Convert: convert from one color space to another
  • IO: read and write colors from strings or streams
  • Environment: specify your gamuts and conversion parameters
  • Distance: compute the distance between two colors
  • Transformation: endomorphic color transformations
  • Interpolation: linear interpolation in a given color space
  • Color maps: color mapping utility

Furthermore, you can browse the Doxygen documentation.

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