Vim wrapper over curl for REST exploration
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QQ is a wrapper over curl for making remote calls inside vim.



This plugin is not being actively worked on by me.

I have moved to using

Here are some alternatives:

(if there are better alternatives, email me, create an issue, or make a PR)

I will look into issues, and merge PR's if needed.


QQ works by specifying the a remote request in a REQUEST buffer. Once executed the response is returned in a RESPONSE buffer. All executed requests are stored in default collection file (~/.QQ.default.collection by default), and can be accessed via the HISTORY buffer.

Request format

Requests are defined in the following formats:

<option name>: <option value> 
<option name>: :<option key>: <option value>

Request options

These are the current accepted request options

URL: <url>

Target URL, at present only the first URL option will be processed. URL's can also make use of URL variable names in the format of :<url variable name>:.

URL-VAR: :<url variable name>: <url variable value>

URL variable, this option will replace instances of :<url variable name>: present in the URL with the specified <url variable value>. Only the name of the variable is stored in the history this should be useful for sensitive information.

URL-PARAM: :<url parameter name>: <url parameter value>

URL parameter, this option will add GET parameters to a URL, e.g. :test: foobar will append ?test=foobar to the end of the given URL

METHOD: <method>

Request method, any method should be acceptable here but may be limited by your executable. At present only the first method will be processed

HEADER: :<header name>: <header value>

Header definition, all headers should be supported, you can have as many of these as you like

OPTION: :<option name>: <option value>

QQ option, these are used to alter the way that QQ handles storing requests and displaying response's. Current option options are:

  • pretty-print passes response through a JSON pretty printer.
  • follow if this option is set to true the response will follow all redirects, otherwise will only return the first response
  • insecure if this option is set to true then it explicitly allows curl to perform "insecure" SSL connections and transfers

FORM: :<field name>: <field value>

Data field, this is data sent to the URL, for example form field's sent as part of a post request

FORM-FILE: :<field name>: <file location>

File field, this file will be uploaded to the given URL with the specified name.

BODY: <body>

Body, sends everything after this as raw POST body.

Key binds

from a normal/any buffer

  • QQ opens a new request window
  • QH opens the recent request history
  • QCO opens the collection list
  • QCC change current collection
  • QCN add a new collection
  • QG opens a new request window with URL under cursor as URL

from a REQUEST buffer

  • QQ executes the current request as defined in the buffer
  • QP adds the JSON pretty-printing option to the current request
  • QF adds the follow option to current request (follows HTTP redirects)
  • QAB adds basic authentication to the current request
  • QAO adds oAuth2 to the current request

from a RESPONSE buffer

  • QQ returns to the previous REQUEST buffer
  • q closes the buffer

from a HISTORY buffer

  • <CR> loads previous request into REQUEST buffer
  • q closes the buffer

from a COLLECTIONS buffer

  • <CR> open collection under cursor and set as current
  • q closes the buffer

Example request

URL-VAR: :test-var: supersecretkey
URL-PARAM: :format: json
HEADER:	:Cache-Control: no-cache
OPTION:	:pretty-print: True
OPTION:	:follow: True
FORM: :email:
FORM: :name: Bob McBobson
FORM-FILE: :photo: ~/Photos/notporn.jpg


List of configurable options for the plugin:

  • g:QQ_curl_executable the executable to run request's with. default 'curl'
  • g:QQ_python_executable the executable preferred python2 executable 'python'
  • g:QQ_default_collection location of the default history collection. default: '~/.QQ.default.collection'
  • g:QQ_current_collection location of the loaded collection. default g:QQ_default_collection g:QQ_collection_list location of the collection list, default ~/.QQ.collections
  • g:QQ_collection_window_location position of the collection window, acceptable values are 'top' and 'bottom'. default 'top'
  • g:QQ_collection_window_height height of collection window. default 10
  • g:QQ_buffer_prefix buffer prefix of all QQ buffers, avoids naming clashes default '[QQ]'
  • g:QQ_map_prefix the prefix to key maps, default Q
  • g:QQ_map_defaults if you want to turn the default mappings off, default 0


Tests are written for vim-themis

To run tests, clone vim-themis, and simply run the tests:

git clone 
vim-themis/bin/themis --reporter dot test

If you want to add anything to QQ please think about writing a test for it!


  • This is very much a work in progress, if anything breaks let us know at:
  • It's also still missing features...
  • And is more than a bit hacky in places.
  • QQ is probably a working title.
  • Yes Q is a useful key bind, some more and better thought will probably go into more intelligent binds later.
  • QQ is modeled on Postman.
  • QQ may or may not be windows compatible. (it almost certainly isn't)