simple vim plugin to make http requests from buffers
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Simple wrapper over curl and http syntax highlighting.



Write a raw http request

Accept: application/json

:Http will execute the request and display the response in a new buffer.

:Http! will execute the request as above and follow any redirects.

:HttpShowCurl displays the curl request that the plugin executes under the hood

:HttpShowRequest displays the internal object representing the request

:HttpClean will add Host and Content-Length headers

:HttpAuth will prompt for authorization credentials


g:vim_http_clean_before_do if set to 1 (default) will clean a request before sending it to curl. Disable this by setting this global to 0

g:vim_http_additional_curl_args can be used to provide additional arguments to curl.

g:vim_http_split_vertically when set to 1 will split the window vertically on response rather than horizontally (the default).

Helper Methods

http#remove_header(header) removes all occurances of the given header in the current buffer.

http#set_header(header, value) sets the header to the given value in the current buffer, removes duplicates

Examples for your vimrc:

function! s:set_json_header() abort
  call http#set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json')

function! s:clean_personal_stuff() abort
  call http#remove_header('Cookie')
  call http#remove_header('Accept')
  call http#remove_header('User-Agent')
  call http#remove_header('Accept-Language')

function! s:add_compression() abort
  call http#set_header('Accept-Encoding', 'deflate, gzip')
  let g:vim_http_additional_curl_args = '--compressed'

command! JSON call s:set_json_header()
command! Anon call s:clean_personal_stuff()
command! Compression call s:add_compression()