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Building nidium

In order to build nidium you need at least 5GB of disk space. A build from scratch could takes from 20 to 60 minutes, depending of the speed of your computer.

GNU/Linux dependencies

Typically, on a debian based system you'll require the following dependencies :

$ apt-get install libpci-dev python2.7 git make patch clang pkg-config libgtk2.0-dev libgtk-3-dev mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev yasm libasound2 libasound2-dev libbz2-1.0

macOS dependencies

Building nidium on macOS requires Xcode to be installed.


Building nidium on macOS or GNU/Linux :

$ git clone
$ git clone --recursive
$ export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)/NidiumTools/src
$ cd Nidium
$ ./configure_frontend
$ ./bin/nidium