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Version 0.6.0
* Upgrade to Lucene 3.0.3.
* Upgrade to Tika 0.8.
* Changed JSON library for improved JSON parsing.
* Control over term vectors when indexing.
* Added the whitespace analyzer.
* Include init.d startup script in zip.
* Allow query-time override of analyzer.
* Split multiple queries with embedding commas correctly.
Version 0.5.6
* Full text functions that do not compile caused clients to hang forever.
* Basic authentication backported from master for require_valid_user=true scenario.
Version 0.5.5
* Pass query string through analyzer so that the same stemming rules are applied as when indexing.
Version 0.5.4
* Allow searching on numeric terms.
* Fix reindexing bug when index function changes.
* Enhance the 'welcome' message to include the correct version string.
Version 0.5.3
* Permit url-escaped / character in database names.
Version 0.5.2
* Make searching thread-safe.
Version 0.5.1
* Support multiple queries in a single call through the Python script.
* Allow customization of field boost.
* Improved handled for emitted null values.
* Improved date handling.
Version 0.5
* c-l now runs as a standalone server.
* Compatibility with CouchDB 0.10.0, 0.10.1 and 0.11.
* Upgraded to use Lucene 3.0.1.
* Upgraded to use Tika 0.6.
* Efficient numeric range queries.
* Near-realtime indexing updates.
* Added ability to set multiple q parameters to perform several queries in one call.
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