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Manipulate CSV Files in PHP 🐘

Code examples for the tutorial How to Read and Write CSV Files in PHP?

The code is packaged as a simple Symfony application with cli commands.

This series also proposes other PHP data integration tutorials:

Installation πŸ“¦

Download the source code:

git clone
cd manipulate-csv-data-in-php

Then the installation comes into 2 flavors, directly on your host or using docker.

Once installed the commands are the same, some docker shortcuts are provided in .docker/bin.

Install directly on your system (option A) πŸ’»

Install the PHP dependencies:

composer install

Install with docker & docker-compose (option B) πŸ‹

Build the docker image and install the PHP dependencies:

docker-compose up -d 
.docker/bin/composer install

Use the console commands πŸš€

Use bin/console or .docker/bin/console to launch a command.

List the commands:

bin/console --env=prod
  nidup:csv-league:generate-big-csv-file  Generate a 1M lines csv file (with league csv)
  nidup:csv-league:read-big-csv-file      Read a big csv file and measure time and memory (with league csv)
  nidup:csv-league:read-csv-file          Read a csv file (with league csv)
  nidup:csv-league:write-csv-file         Write a csv file (with league csv)
  nidup:csv-native:read-csv-file          Read a csv file (with native functions)
  nidup:csv-native:write-csv-file         Write a csv file (with native functions)

Launch a command:

bin/console nidup:csv-league:read-csv-file --env=prod

We use the prod environment here to have the most efficient execution.


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