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PanDoc convert Documents from one format (e.g. MarkDown or HTML) to other formats (e.g. OpenOffice or Word) with Templates.

Table of Contents


  • CDN for MathJax maintained by Development Team is down (2017). The CDN link for remote script urls to that Javascript library had to. be changed.

Other Repositories Depending on PanDoc Repository

This repository contains adapted templates for pandoc. This repository is used by the following Open Source applications:

  • PanDocElectron Electron based wrapper/Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PanDoc
  • PanDocZenity Shell script based wrapper for PanDoc that used Zenity (it is recommended to use PanDocElectron instead of PanDocZenity)
  • eProofJS is a Authoring Tool for creating electronic proofs. It uses support files (e.g. MathJax) to generate, display and render for mathematical proofs as learning environments.

The following explaination show the basic installation of the underlying tool pandoc created by John Mac Farlane (Thank you very much for providing this great tool to the Open Source Community).

The following section refers to the Installation of PanDocZenity. For installation guides for other applications refer to the GitHub-pages of the desired project.


The following commands assume, that you have Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Linux Operating System installed. If you use other Linux Distribution install packages with you Package Manager.

Package Manager

Assume that you have a Linux distribution with the package manager apt-get. If you have a different Linux distro installed, then use the similar packages in package manager on your distro.

Install PanDoc

The following apt-get command is one line of code to install the pandoc software on your computer:

sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc

Editor Geany

Furthermore you can use an editor geany as an option to edit the source file.

sudo apt-get install geany

Install LaTeX

Install the LaTeX package with apt-get

sudo apt-get install texlive lmodern

lmodern.sty install as Package necessary for PDF-Conversion



The following sections provide details for application on MacOSX with Homebrew. Please install homebrew prior to the following steps

Homebrew Installer

On MacOS use HomeBrew Package Management as package manager to install necessary packages especially pandoc and the package for processing of citation.

Follow the instruction on to install homebrew on your Mac

Install PanDoc with HomeBrew

brew install pandoc pandoc-citeproc

Install Git and Download PanDoc Repository

Open terminal and install git:

brew install git

Now you navigate to your documents folder e.g.

cd /home/USERNAME/Documents

Clone this PanDoc-Repository

Clone the online PanDoc repository:

git clone

Editor Geany

Furthermore you can use an editor geany as an option to edit the source file.

brew install geany

You can use TextWrangler or other prefered editors instead.

Install LaTeX

Install the LaTeX package from

LaTeX in necessary for pandoc to process LaTeX file and/or generate PDF files.

PanDoc Documentation about Installation

if you want to get more information about PanDoc installation, see section on


Install PanDoc on Windows

If you run PanDoc Converter on Windows please follow the documentation on:

Pandoc Install Homepage

For more information on installation of PanDoc converter see

Install Git and Download PanDoc Repository

Download the git-installer from the Homepage of Git [](

Then open terminal CMD.exe or PowerShell and change to your Documents folder:

Change Hard drive if necessary:


Now you navigate to your documents folder e.g.

cd \Users\USERNAME\Documents

Where USERNAME is your user name on your Windows Operating System

Clone this PanDoc-Repository

Clone the online PanDoc repository:

git clone

Install LaTeX

Follow the LaTeX installation on the following website

Needed for converting/transcoding MediaWiki files to LaTeX or PDF.

Install Image Magick

Image Magick is an command line image processing tool. In PanDocElectron and PanDocZenity it is used to split a PDF presentation into single images for a creating a web-based presentation

Install Script for Windows

Create a Windows Batch File install_pandoc.bat: See following URL for command examples for Batch Files on Windows.

PanDoc Tools

Pandoc Demos

Demo calls of PanDoc can be found on:

Pandoc Online Converter

Convert Files with PanDoc and standard templates on:

PanConvert (Optional)

If you want to use PanDoc with a Graphical User Interface please innstall PanConvert for Graphical User Interface for PanDoc:


PanDocElectron Electron based wrapper/Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PanDoc


Similar to PanDocElectron but runs from the command line with the Zenity for handling user interactions. In comparison to the Electron based tool PanDocZenity has less features but it might be better for command line processes and automatisation of transcoding of documents. PanDocZenity Shell script based wrapper for PanDoc that used Zenity (it is recommended to use PanDocElectron instead of PanDocZenity)

Main Folders

Folder Description

tpl Templates and Default Files for PanDoc projects Contains all projects bib Contains all BibTeX Databases/Bib-Styles help Contains Help Files for Installation et. al. if available mathjax Contains MathJax Installation for Math Rendering reveal Contains RevealJS Installation for HTML5 Presentations

Folders and Files

Project ReadMe

The directory project/readme is one sample project that is used at the same time for the readme of this project.

Project Config

All subdirectory e.g. project/topologie contains a subdirectory project/topologie/config that contains author name and title for the project.

Media Files

If the input file includes media files, the create /images, /videos, /audio store the media files in the subdirectories.

Software Development and Tool

Atom and Electron

Create a Multiplattform Application with Atom and Electron for Linux Mac and Windows or with Intel XDK Cloud Programming Tool.

Website Atom Editor

Can be used for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

DocToc for Table of Contents

This has a table of contents. This is automatically generated with doctoc NPM modules

Install doctoc with NPM (assuming you have NPM/NodeJS already installed on your computer)

npm install doctoc -g

Installation is global so that you can use it for other GitHub repositories as well.

Create or Update the table of contents with the command:


Script Loader to Load RevealJS libraries

RevealJS and especially MathJax are large repositories that are needed only once on your computer and used for all Reveal presentations. Currently PanDocElectron creates the RevealJS presentations with an appropriate relative path.

The libraries for Reveal can also loaded dynamically if the document.location.href is splited as a path by .split("\"). If the directory PanDoc was found in the path the relative directory can be identified by the number of subdirectories below PanDoc.

  • Reveal Presentation: /home/myname/Documents/PanDoc/demo/my_pres/my_reveal_presentation.html
  • Relative Path to RevealJS: ../../reveal/js/reveal.js
  • Relative Path to MathJax: `../../mathjax/MathJax.js

This requires a dynamic Javascript loading

var loadLibJS = function(pURL, pCallOnLoad, pNodeDOM){
    //pURL is URL or path to the external library/file,  pCallOnLoad is the code
    //to be called after the library was loaded, pNodeDOM is the location in the DOM tree to 
    //insert the <script> element, e.g. pNodeDOM is the <head>...</head> or the body of the HTML file

    var scriptTag = document.createElement('script');
    scriptTag.src = pURL;

    scriptTag.onload = pCallOnLoad;
    scriptTag.onreadystatechange = pCallOnLoad;


function yourCodeCalled_AfterLoad() {
	//your code goes here that is executed afte loading the script

loadLibJS('yourcode.js', yourCodeCalled_AfterLoad, document.body);


PanDoc Shell Scripts for Converting Documents using Zenity with Templates




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