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Corrects syntax errors from translated Wiki texts. Translations of MediaWiki source texts e.g. with Google Translate generate syntax errors especially in mathematical expressions. This tool fixes these problem partially and reduces the editing work.
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Translation of Wikiversity texts e.g. with Google Translate create syntax errors especially in mathematical expressions. TranslatorCorrection4Wiki is generated to correct these syntax errors at least partially and reduce the workload for translated text fragments of Wikipedia/Wikiversity sources that need a correction e.g. of mathematical expression . Copy translated text fragments (e.g. from google translate) into the textarea and fix the improper translation of Wikipedia/Wikiversity source text . The presse the 'Convert' button in the following demo.

The web source of the Demo link mentioned above is stored in the subdirectory /docs. Please feel free to fork the repository and alter the source code according to your needs. To publish YOUR link converter on Github as well, change the link in this to your repository.

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