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JSON Editor by Jeremy Dorn extended with LoadFile4DOM and FIleSaver by Eli Grey
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AppLSAC jsoneditor_app

This is a Demo for an AppLSAC with the

Preview of WebApp


Applications in other Repositories

  • JSON2Schema on GitLab uses the jsoneditor_app as AppLSAC and replaces the default JSON schema in schema/schema4json.js by a generated new schema created by JSON2Schema. JSON2Schema uses jsoneditor_app as default AppLSAC and creates a JSON schema from a given JSON and the JSON schema is used for the definition of the input elements for this JSON editor jsoneditor_app. So JSON2Schema replaces the schema in file jsoneditor_app/schema/schema4json.js in the with a dynamically generated JSON Schema and provides the updated for download in JSON2Schema on GitLab.

Validation of the ZIP in JSON2Schema

JSON2Schema is an AppLSAC just like jsoneditor_app. It runs offline and does not require internet resources other than the browser. Nevertheless a ZIP can be used to ship harmful code to the client. Therefore it is important that the content of the generated ZIP-file can be assessed by the user of JSON2Schema. This repository jsoneditor_app shows the content of the ZIP-file. Furthermore if you want to replace this JSON editor by your own JSON editor e.g. with a different layout or a new release of the JSON Editor json-editor, please feel free to encode your own modified ZIP file of your JSON Editor jsoneditor_app by create_files4json.html into a base64 encoded library that stores your ZIP. This replaces the default JSON Editor in db/files4json.js with your own jsoneditor_app. If you use JSON editor other than the jsoneditor by Jeremy Dorn it might be necessary to generate an adapted version of schema4json.js that matches with the schema definition of your own JSON editor. The generated schema is delivered in schema/schema4json.js.

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