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This is intended as an overview of the major changes


  • New/improved detections:
    • ...


  • New/improved detections:
    • Samsung Browser 24 now does Frozen UA


  • Analyzer:
    • Improve handling of invalid ClientHints
  • New/improved detections:
    • Ecosia browser
    • Phoenix browser (has very bad ClientHints)
    • Lookup Amazon device tags from ClientHints
    • Report the agent version 'NULL' as '??'
    • Handle Edge case of unknown device names
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Trino 439 changed their API


  • New/improved detections:
    • Mitigate the invalid ClientHints given by Opera GX 2.1


  • Analyzer:
    • Allow cloning an instance and share the configuration (reducing memory footprint)
  • New/improved detections:
    • CamScanner is not a robot
    • NextCloud app
  • Build:
    • Update commons-text required shading to make it work.
    • Build under Java 21 and also run all tests with Java 21


  • New/improved detections:
    • Detect more of the Yahoo Japan bots
    • MediaTek and EXYNOS CPUs
    • Uphold javascript sdk
    • Shopify Mobile
    • Apple iOS version in edge cases
  • Analyzer:
    • Ability to use the Sec-CH-UA-Form-Factor header (no rules yet)
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Trino 430 changed their API


  • New/improved detections:
    • Detect robots: Internet-Measurement, BuildWith, ThinkChaos, Turnitin, Naver Yeti, Swagger Validator
    • Handle version bug fixed in Opera 98.
    • Report all Opera variants as distinct browsers because they all have unrelated version numbers.
    • Handle special case of anonymization


  • Analyzer:
    • Handle the < and > brackets better.
  • New/improved detections:
    • Report Samsung DEX (Desktop Experience) as Tablet
    • New DeviceClass: "Smart Display"
    • Detect more Robots:, Buck, Rome, python-requests, GoogleAssociationService
    • Initial handling of Robots and Hackers using client hints.
    • Detect Amazon Echo Show better (a "Smart Display")
    • Detect Bitwarden Mobile app
    • Detect more Federated Social Clients, Servers and Robots (Mastodon and such)
    • Detect brand: Cloud Mobile Stratus C5
    • Detect Power PC Little Endian CPU
    • Detect Qihoo 360 Safe Browser
    • Handle some really bad WeChat useragents.
    • Handle the Despegar App
    • Detect Opera GX
    • Detect Fuchsia OS
    • Better Brand extraction
    • Detect several situations of UserAgent changing plugins
    • Better classify normal Desktop imitating GoogleBot
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Trino 422 (it needs 421 or newer!)


  • New/improved detections:
    • More hackers
    • Device brands from patterns in Client Hints.


  • New/improved detections:
    • Report the DeviceName "Android Mobile" for reduced Android user agents.


  • New/improved detections:
    • Updated language tag detection to pickup more language tags.
    • Detect the Google Generic Crawler, Google StoreBot.


  • Analyzer:
    • Automatic switch to the Java 8 compatible caching implementation (Multi Release Jar)


  • Build:
    • Workaround for going away.
  • UDFs:
    • Dropping support for Elastic Logstash. More than 3 years after GA they have not yet published the needed dependencies.
  • New/improved detections
    • Fixed lookup table for Amazon devices.


  • Build:
    • Workaround reproducibility problem in Maven (MSHADE-440)


  • Analyzer:
    • Use all testcases (including ClientHints) when doing preheat.


  • Build:
    • Updated docker based environment to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
    • The Quarkus example can now also be built into a native executable
    • Workaround Multi Release jar and maven-shade-plugin with relocation.


  • New/improved detections
    • Full list of documented Yandex robots.
    • Extra noise filter of unwanted extra fields
    • Detect device and OS with WhatsApp
  • Build:
    • Improve plugin and dependency version management
    • Reproducible builds
      • Pin build timezone to UTC
      • Test script to verify reproducibility


  • Build:
    • Reproducible builds
    • Update Snakeyaml to fix CVE


  • New/improved detections
    • Alamofire/macOS Catalyst, Alamofire is NOT a LayoutEngine
  • Build:
    • Pubish SBOM
    • Reproducible builds
  • Analyzer
    • Workaround for resource loading problems works with dropTests


  • Analyzer:
    • Adding VFS support back in.
  • New/improved detections
    • Extra noise filter of unwanted extra fields
    • Handle a new form of iOS apps.


  • Build
    • Reproducible builds
  • New/improved detections
    • Extra noise filter of unwanted extra fields



  • Analyzer:

    • Manually shaded in
      • httpcomponents-client v5.2.1.
        • One less logging dependency (no more SLF4j needed).
        • Fixes OSGI problems apache/unomi#557
      • spring-core
        • One less logging dependency (no more JCL needed).
        • Dropping VFS support
  • New/improved detections

    • NULL version is now assumes to be caused by broken plugins instead of Robot.


  • New/improved detections
    • RancherDesktop client
    • Chromium/Chrome/Edge 109 with Client Hints were reported as "Not_A Brand 99"


  • Analyzer:
    • Fix Java8 caching and cache serialization.
  • New/improved detections
    • MicrosoftPreview bot
    • Few Bingbot imitators
    • Handle frozen "rv:109.0" in Firefox
  • Build:
    • Run Integration tests in Github Actions
    • Disable docker hub based integration tests in CI


  • New/improved detections
    • Bad secondary version is now assumes to be Anti fingerprinting instead of Robot.


  • Analyzer:
    • Support having multiple places to define a lookup or set which are then merged.
  • New/improved detections
    • Non standard Apple device tags
    • Ignore the tags created by Kamo
    • Slightly better analysis of the Client Hints
    • Detect Brave from Client Hints
    • Correctly classify Googlebot variant
    • Problematic cases of Quant browser
    • Correct Windows version reported for Edge
    • Improve headless browsers ( AgentClass=Robot , AgentName="Chrome"/"Edge" )


  • New/improved detections
    • Samsung Browser: DeviceBrand & WebViews.
    • Smart TV Linux version
    • Microsoft Edge with only partial information and minimal client hints
  • Webservlet:
    • Copy to clipboard works again.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Elastic Search 7.17.7
    • Apache Flink 1.16.0
    • Trino 401


  • Security:
    • Updated Apache Commons Text to 1.10.0 (CVE-2022-42889)
  • New/improved detections
    • If the clienthints are available it is now possible to detect difference between Intel and ARM (M1/M2) on Apple laptops.
    • Dropping the word bot as a language code.
    • Several Federated Social Network related servers and clients.
    • Desktop webapp with clienthints
  • Webservlet:
    • The GraphQL fields are now generated dynamically based on the available rules.
  • Devtools
    • Added development utility to convert access logs into testcases.
    • Improve detecting duplicate tests.
    • Drop obsolete versions-maven-plugin


  • Build
    • Require JDK 8, 11 and 17 installed and the appropriate toolchains.xml.
  • New/improved detections
    • Opera with reduced UserAgent now reports the correct agent version.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Elastic Search 7.17.6 & 8.4.1
    • Elastic Logstash 8.4.1
    • Trino 396


  • Build
    • Because of dependencies and plugins the build now requires Java 17.
  • New/improved detections
    • Report frozen Mac OS as Mac OS >=10.15.7 for all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
    • Browsers: Ekioh Flow, Aoyou
    • Arris Set-top boxes
    • Privoxy/PrivacyWall
    • The Ask Toolbar UA modification is no longer seen as a browser.
    • Analyze based devices
    • Robots with null.
    • Better classify AppleWebKit and Safari without a version.
    • Extract the Agent name which was appended to a normal UA.
    • Optimized the Language detection (less recursion & lookups needed)
  • Analyzer:
    • Made the NotIn operator in the rules consistent (?! is now !?)
    • Improve extracting versions like PHP/
    • Extract comments that are ',' separated.


  • Analyzer:
    • IsValidVersion function to determine if a version looks like a normal version.
  • Webservlet:
    • GraphQL support
  • New/improved detections
    • Report frozen Mac OS on Safari as Mac OS >=10.15.7
    • New DeviceClass: "Home Appliance" (Fridges and such)
    • Browsers that extend the Edge useragent.
    • Oculus VR devices/OculusBrowser
    • Some historical systems (IRIX, CP/M, RISC OS, AmigaOS, ...)
    • Handle a lot of cases where the braces were removed.
    • Anonymization
      • All anonymized agents have DeviceClass: 'Anonymized'
      • More extensive anonymization detection by looking at version patterns
    • New field "RemarkablePattern" that will hold exceptional things that were detected.
      • The 'Anonymized' field has been dropped and is now RemarkablePattern: 'Anonymized'
    • Improved CPU detection performance
  • Extra testcases
    • Fuchsia
    • Mobile Apps, Robots, Hackers, Modification cases
    • Windows 9 (which does not exist)
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.40.0
    • Apache Flink 1.15.1
    • Apache Nifi 1.17.0
    • Apache Drill 1.20.2
    • Elastic Search 7.17.5 & 8.3.2
    • Elastic Logstash 8.3.2
    • Trino 392


  • New/improved detections (Thanks to for providing many of the testcases)
    • Apple
      • Use information from Apple to complete the list of devices.
      • Apple CFNetwork+Darwin with CPU tag is macOS instead of iOS
      • Apple M1 CPU (hardly ever seen)
      • Apple watchOS
    • Qwant browser
    • Robots: PindomTMS, Yahoo and many http libraries.
    • Hackers: More security scanners.
    • Google Docs (Google Document Conversion)
    • Facebook Messenger Lite for iOS
    • Electron
    • "TV Safari" means TV
    • Improve the naming of all Google bot variants.
  • Webservlet:
    • The input UserAgent is now also part of the output to allow easier processing.


  • New/improved detections
    • Chromium
    • Improve priotities with multiple 'Windows NT' tags.
    • robot
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.39.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.16.2
    • Elastic Search 7.17.4 & 8.2.2
    • Elastic Logstash 8.2.2
    • Trino 385


  • Analyzer
    • Simplify using Java 8 compliant caching
  • New/improved detections
    • Chrome OS/Chromebooks:
      • Handle new "frozen Chrome OS" tag
      • The DeviceBrand of a Chromebook is "Unknown" instead of Google
      • Fixed Version and OS Build tags


  • Client Hints!
    • Support for analyzing the User-Agent in combination with the User-Agent Client Hints.
  • Security:
    • Update for jackson-databind
  • New/improved detections
    • Microsoft Edge Webview
    • Sailfish OS & Browser
    • ReactorNetty, Node.JS, Alamofire
    • Improve Apple detection/reporting
      • "Mac OS X" / "OS X" / "macOS"
        • The Major Version for the 10.x.x versions is now 2 parts (like '10.6') instead of just '10'.
        • Although the marketing name has changed several times: For all versions OperatingSystemName = 'Mac OS' is used to ensure stable reporting.
      • Darwin will be reported as the most likely iOS version instead.
  • Build
    • Use new feature in maven-shade-plugin to use the correct pom.xml in the jar.
    • Restructure integration tests and examples to run outside the maven reactor.
  • Analyzer
    • Option to show only minimal version information during startup.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.38.0
    • Apache Flink 1.15.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.16.1
    • Elastic Search 7.17.3 & 8.1.3
    • Elastic Logstash 8.1.3
    • Trino 380
  • Dropping support for
    • Apache Pig. The last release was in 2017: about 5 years ago.


  • Build:
    • Apache Flink Table and Hive UDFs now also build under JDK 17
    • Apache Hive UDF has docker based integration test
  • UDFs
    • New UDF for Elastic Search 8.1.1
    • Trino UDF uses ThreadLocal for better performance
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.14.4
    • Elastic Search 7.17.1
    • Elastic Logstash 8.1.1


  • New/improved detections
    • Handle the Chrome 99+ chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-minor
    • Handle the Edge 99+ edge://flags/#force-major-version-to-minor
    • Report frozen Windows 10 on Chrome/Edge/... 92+ as Windows >=10
    • Specific edge case in Internet Explorer UA.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.37.0


  • UDFs
    • New UDF for Trino (a.k.a. Presto SQL)
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Drill 1.20.0


  • Analyzer
    • New IsNotInLookUpContains function used to speedup Robot pattern matching.
  • New/improved detections
    • Report frozen Windows 10 on Firefox 88+ as Windows >=10
    • Handle cases like this LM-Q710(FGN) Build/OPM1.171019.019 (Sam Hendley)
    • Detect Samsung Tizen TVs, Vizio and Comcast (Sam Hendley)
  • Build
    • Run tests against created docker image.
  • Webservlet:
    • Omit the non standard fields with a default value.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.36.0


  • Analyzer
    • The XML/JSon/Yaml output now always contains the requested AND all needed "Unknown" value fields.
    • Switched the default caching implementation to Caffeine
  • New/improved detections
    • Classify more Apache Log4j RCE CVE-2021-44228 useragents as "Code Injection".
    • Fix Samsung SC-... devices (were detected as Huawei SC-... devices).
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.14.3
    • Apache Nifi 1.15.3
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.16.2


  • Security
    • Updated log4j dependency to 2.17.1
  • Analyzer
    • Allow specifying a custom caching implementation.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.35.0
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.16.0
  • Build:
    • Builds under JDK 17 (by disabling incompatble UDFs)


  • Security
    • Updated log4j dependency to 2.17.0
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Nifi 1.15.2
  • Examples
    • Added a Java example using SLF4J (so no Log4j2).


  • Security
    • Updated log4j dependency to 2.16.0
  • New/improved detections
    • Classify Apache Log4j RCE CVE-2021-44228 useragents as "Code Injection".
    • Handle the SalesforceMobileSDK apps better.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.14.1
    • Apache Nifi 1.15.1


  • Security
    • Updated log4j dependency to 2.15.0
  • Analyzer
    • Added WebviewAppNameVersion.
    • Added a 'not contains' operator '!~'
    • Parser can handle a few more tricky cases
    • Change synchronization to improve concurrent performance.
  • New/improved detections
    • More Apple devices
    • VivoBrowser often implies Vivo DeviceBrand
    • Handle the SalesforceMobileSDK apps better.
    • More Amazon devices
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.34.0
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.15.0
  • Build:
    • Change developer building docker image to Ubuntu 20.04


  • New/improved detections
    • Since Chrome 90 the version of MacOS is already frozen for everyone.
    • Since Firefox 87 the version of MacOS is already frozen for everyone.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Nifi 1.15.0


  • Analyzer
    • The toMap incorrectly filtered out "default" values you asked for.
  • New/improved detections
    • Handle webconference plugins in IE
    • Detect MorphOS
    • The type of CPU is no longer (incorrectly) used as the version (Linux i386 --> Linux ??) .
    • Dalvik is not a browser
  • UDFs
    • New UDF for Snowflake


  • Build:
    • Only support JDK 11+ due to plugins dropping java 8 support. Build target remains JRE 8.
  • New/improved detections
    • Google Glass OS
    • Language flags in specific special places
    • Microsoft Word
    • Google Chrome reduced/frozen useragent.
    • Tesla car based browsers
    • DuckDuckGo variants
  • Webservlet:
    • Switch from SpringFox to SpringDoc.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.14.0
    • Apache Beam 2.33.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.14.0


  • Analyzer
    • Breaking change: Replace SLF4J with Log4j2
  • New/improved detections
    • Detect Apple TV better
    • Handle 'no spaces' effects like "WindowsNT6.1" better.
    • Added testcase for the real PS5 useragent.
    • Added missing locale en-jp
    • Improve classification of very old Apple Macintosh systems.
    • MacOS X >= 10.8 is only 64 bit
    • Improved handling of the '@' character.
    • Huawei: HarmonyOS/HMSCore/new devices/...
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.13.1
    • Apache Beam 2.30.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.13.2
    • Apache Drill 1.19.0
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.13.0
  • WebServlet:
    • Cleaning up the code
    • Also show the classifications based upon the DeviceClass
  • Build:
    • Disabling usage of docker hub in CI build to avoid random failures over "You have reached your pull rate limit."


  • Analyzer
    • Updated the list of recognized Apple device ids.
    • Fixed "Dell Streak 7"
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Beam 2.28.0


  • Analyzer:
    • Files with '-tests' in the directory/filename contain only tests and are only loaded when needed.
    • ExtractBrandFromUrl function
    • Added rule analyzer and optimized some of the rules.
    • Special handling of the "require IsNull" cases to increase performance.
    • Merging lookups to reduce number of rules.
    • For the preHeat the testcases are loaded separately (i.e. reducing the memory usage a bit)
  • New/improved detections
    • Added > 1000 extra testcases
    • Detect Google Glass 1, Amazon Kindle, Palm, Roku, PlayStation 2, PS3, PS Portable, Tizen, WebOS.
    • Extra variants of Japanese locale codes
    • Extra variants of MS Windows recognized and Wine64.
    • Old Maxthon naming (myIE2)
    • Brands: KDDI, O2, T-Mobile, MDA
    • Skip plugins and ISP names
    • AgentName "Mobile Safari" is now "Safari" (on iOS) or "Stock Android Browser"
    • AgentName "Mobile xxx" is now "xxx"
    • Less cases of DeviceClass "Mobile"
    • Hackers: Report more generic "Code Injection" (specifics are too unreliable).
  • WebServlet:
    • Yaml output retains # comments from the input
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.12.1
    • Apache Beam 2.27.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.13.0
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.11.1
  • New UDF: Beam SQL


  • Analyzer:
    • Improve the Calculator setup.
  • New/improved detections
    • Tests: Edge on Linux
    • Frozen Chrome/Edge:
      • Minor version of x.0.0.0 is removed.
      • With Edge on Linux we cannot assume Windows 10 for Edge.
    • Handle Facebook agents with lists of keyvalues
    • Classify facebookcatalog as a Robot
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.12.0
    • Apache Beam 2.26.0


  • Analyzer:
    • Improved the brand extraction from the url (github and gitlab urls).
    • Improved support for Kryo
  • UDFs:
    • Fixed bug in LogParser UDF that causes setters to be called twice
  • New/improved detections
    • Ghostery 3.0
    • OpenConnect VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect, NMap imitating AnyConnect
    • Windows Phone (via Opera)
    • LinkedIn app (on iPhone)
    • HTC Sensation is a 'Phone'
    • Made "Microsoft Outlook", "MacOutlook", "Outlook-Express", "Outlook-iOS" consistent and "Email Client"
  • Build
    • Disable sonarcloud on JDK 8
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Drill 1.18.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.12.1
    • Apache Flink 1.11.2
    • Apache Beam 2.25.0
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.10.0


  • Analyzer:
    • Added ReplaceString to support extracting texts
    • Added additional fallback for resource finding problems (like in Quarkus)
  • New/improved detections
    • Extract Google tools name from the provided url
    • Apache Beam useragent
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Elastic Search/Logstash 7.8.1
    • Apache Flink 1.11.1
    • Apache Beam 2.22.0
  • Build
    • Improved support for building using JDK 11
  • Examples
    • Basic testing example to verify it works with Quarkus


  • Analyzer:
    • Fixed caches for getAllPossibleFieldNames and getAllPossibleFieldNamesSorted
    • Updated dependencies
    • Fixed bug returning default values from cached results (no incorrect results, just too many)
    • The output is now "immutable" which makes returning from cache faster.
    • Rewrite the handling of "Default" values
    • Rewrote Calculators.
    • Allow creating a set by merging others in it.
    • Match if value is NOT in "set"/"lookup"/"lookup prefix"
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.10.1
    • Apache Beam 2.22.0
    • Elastic Logstash 7.7.1
  • New UDF: ElasticSearch 7.7.1
  • New/improved detections
    • Detect a very rare iPhone variant
    • Detect RetroZilla browser
    • Detect Windows CE better and related Minimo browser
    • Avoid "OneDrive" being classified as the DeviceBrand "OnePlus"
    • Improved Robot classifications, no more urls as 'version'
    • Voice/Audio devices: Spotify, Alexa, Echo, Sonos
    • Improve PlayStation 3,4 OS names
    • Handle the Frozen User-Agent as used in Chrome and Edge.
    • Detect the "new" Fuchsia OS
    • Browsers: Maxthon Nitro, Aloha, Phoenix, Cake, Kode, Mint, Nox, Tenta, Sleipnir, GreenBrowser, SlimBrowser, Lunascape,
    • Browsers: More automatically detect MS-IE derivatives
    • Languages: Detect language variants as "nlbe" in addition to "nl-be" and "nl_be"
  • Build
    • Include OWASP check for bad dependencies


  • Analyzer:
    • Make Yauaa usable as an automatic module in Java 9+ (Fix by James Pether Sörling)
    • Updated dependencies
    • Cache the result of getAllPossibleFieldNames and getAllPossibleFieldNamesSorted
    • Improved behaviour regarding the default value of a field ("Unknown" is not always the default)


  • Analyzer:
    • Windows NT 9 --> Hacker
    • Can now load a resource string as 'Optional' (so it does not fail if these are missing)
    • Updated to HttpComponents Client 5.0
    • Added new function DefaultIfNull
    • Added new string split by '|' to make some lookups easier.
    • Added destroy() method to clean up all memory usage.
    • Fixed inconsistent behaviour regarding the default value of a field
    • Rules can now test if there was a syntax error while parsing.
  • New/improved detections
    • Test cases for the 'frozen' Chrome strings.
    • Fixed edge case with duplicated tags.
    • Mytheresa app, Catchpoint Analyzer, Dynatrace Ruxit.
    • More Google related bots
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Nifi 1.11.4
    • Apache Flink 1.10.0
    • Elastic Logstash 7.6.1
  • Demonstration WebServlet
    • Support multiple useragents in one API request/manual test (line separated)
    • Support for custom rules
  • Other
    • Added simple Kotlin example
    • Improvements in the Drill UDF and tests


  • Analyzer:
    • Better url extraction.
    • Fix NPE when defining invalid rules (walk left/right/up from the top of the tree)
    • The Tencent/Alibaba NetType and Language tags are now better extracted.
    • AgentName is now more consistent (konqueror/Konqueror)
    • Handle the BlackBerry Leap devices a bit better
  • New/improved detections
    • App: Desktop apps using Electron (
    • Devices: Improve detection of Apple devices
    • Brand: Huawei/Honor
    • Robots: 'probe' and 'alyzer' both imply 'Robot', new Bing useragents.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.9.2
    • Apache Beam 2.19.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.11.0
    • Elastic Logstash 7.5.2
  • Build
    • Improve scripting for generated files
    • Only build the docker image for the webservlet if docker is available.
    • Automatically download the logstash dependency from the elastic website.
    • Use SpotBugs (=FindBugs) to detect subtle problems.
  • Demonstration WebServlet
    • Updated to SpringFox 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT to support better examples in the Swagger UI.
    • Support for custom rules
  • UDF changes
    • Flink Table function now returns a Map>String, Stringi< with all the values in a single call.


  • Use the latest STABLE slf4j version 1.7.29


  • The Builders no longer expose any generic parameters to ease use by Scala users (contributed by Robert Stoll).
  • Replace Guava with Apache HTTPComponents for Public Suffix matching
  • Migrate to JUnit 5 for everything except specific UDFs
  • Analyzer:
    • Handles a COMMA better.
    • New LookUpContains and IsInLookUpContains functions used to speedup Hacker and Robot pattern matching.
  • Bugs:
    • LayoutEngine for Chrome on iOS is AppleWebKit (not Blink)
    • Matchers with only IsNull rules did not fire after deserialization with Kryo.
    • Fixed nasty problem in the serialization of various classes. Added many toString implementations to track it down.
  • New/improved detections
    • Agent: EmbeddedBrowser
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Nifi 1.10.0
    • Apache Hive 3.1.2
    • Apache Hadoop 3.2.1


  • Analyzer improvement by allocating less AgentFields (i.e. less memory).
  • Optimized rules to reduce startup time and memory usage.
  • Update public suffix list for detecting hostnames.
  • Added a basic API and Swagger UI to the demo webservlet
  • New/improved detections
    • Agent: Latest Edge, HeadlessChrome, CrMo (=very old Chrome), Hawk
    • Robots: Apache Nifi, Wget, Curl, Bytedance Bytespider, Popular product "con_aff" robot., TencentTraveler, EmbeddedWB
    • Device: Improved Xiaomi detection., Improved RaspberryPi
  • Fixes:
    • Check if a used variable actually exists.
    • Many TODO items (mostly corner cases).
    • Domains like Github and Gmail are no longer used as "DeviceBrand" when they occur in URL or Email.
    • Edgecase where much of the useragent was incorrectly seen as a BASE64 fragment.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.9.1
    • Apache Beam 2.16.0


  • New detections
    • Agent: AdobeAir, Whale, Tungsten, Kinza, Iridium, Superbird, Avast, Comodo Dragon & IceDragon
    • Device: Raspberry PI
    • OS: KaiOS
    • Brands: Lyf
    • Robots: Naver Yeti, TrueClicks
    • Anonymized: Google Web Light (proxy)
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.9.0
    • Apache Beam 2.15.0


  • Finalized detection of Chromium/Blink based Edge both for Windows 10 and Mac
  • Detect Liebao Browser
  • Make compiler a bit stricter, fixed the warnings.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.8.1
    • Apache Beam 2.13.0
    • Apache Drill 1.16.0
  • Added two new fields: OperatingSystemVersionMajor and OperatingSystemNameVersionMajor
  • Fix detection of iOS in specific edge case
  • Modularized and optimized the postprocessing of the found fields.
  • Updated Kryo
  • Updated all dependencies and build plugins.
  • Now builds under both the JDK 8 and JDK 11
  • Improve detection of Maemo / Nokia N900
  • Extra testcases for Firefox (They implemented some small useragent changes)


  • Document Scala usage.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.8.0
    • Apache Beam 2.12.0
  • Improved SpeedCurve Robot detection (thanks to Ben Rogers)
  • Detection for Chromium/Blink based Edge on Windows 10
  • Detect Sogou Explorer (Sogou Browser)


  • Speedup in handling IsNull cases.
  • Speedup in skipping the untouched Matchers.
  • Detection for Google Go, Google Docs, Google Docs Script
  • New class of Device and Agent: Voice
  • Added experimental filter for logstash
  • Detection for CAT, General Mobile, Wileyfox, ZTE, Fairphone, Gigaset, PlayStation 3, Kobo Desktop Edition
  • Improved Robot detection, most of them are now "Cloud" instead of "normal" hardware/os.
  • Updated the way yaml files are loaded. An analyzer without any rules will fail faster.
  • An imperfect fallback is attempted when the classloader cannot find the yaml files via a wildcard (happens on Android, OSGi, ...).
  • Improved detection of Ubuntu
  • Detection for very old Windows Phones, Nikto, Dell devices
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.7.2
    • Apache Beam 2.11.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.9.2
    • Apache Hadoop 3.2.0
    • Apache Hive 3.1.1
  • Massive improvement in detection of URLs.
  • New more realistic performance benchmark test
  • Renamed DeviceClass "Spy" to "Robot Imitator"
  • More consistently add the DeviceBrand to the DeviceName
  • Detect Apple iOS Universal Links updater, Netsparker, CasperJs
  • Fix the AirWatch scenario


  • Lookup for MS-Edge versions (which are a MESS!)
  • Fixed detection Chromium running in a snap on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed detection Epiphany (Gnome Web)
  • Report the actual version of Edge using a lookup.
  • Detection MSOffice, Falkon, QupZilla
  • Improved OS detection, added BeOS/Haiku
  • Detection Colibri, Midori, Arora, WebKitGTK / luakit, Kodi
  • Detection of Android on Sony Bravia TV
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.7.1
    • Apache Beam 2.9.0
    • Apache Drill 1.15.0
    • Apache Hadoop 2.8.5
    • Apache Hive 2.3.4
    • Apache Nifi 1.8.0
    • Logparser 5.2
  • Support for serialization using Kryo


  • Fixed exception handling if an illegal TLD is used in the domainname of an email address or website url.


  • Added Flink Table scalar function
  • Better extraction of NetType and Language tags as used by Tencent.
  • Detect the brand better for many more devices (Blackberry, Huawei, HiSense, HTC, OnePlus, Oppo, QMobile, Wiko)
  • Added two new functions for prefix matching lookups.
  • Rewrote DeviceBrand detection to improve speed and memory usage.
  • Allow setting cache size in Flink, Flink Table and Beam UDFs
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.6.2
    • Apache Beam 2.8.0


  • Fixed the Chrome 70 pattern for many brands
  • Detect Alibaba Apps (like DingTalk)


  • Detect more Iron variations
  • Major change in the Android Chrome 70 pattern --> broke DeviceBrand
  • Detect Vivo brand


  • Detect Iron, Quark and Otter browsers
  • Handle the 'too many spaces' effect.
  • Fixed Rat checking
  • Major update of the UDF for logparser
  • Updated dependencies: Jacoco, Spring
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.6.1
    • Apache Beam 2.7.0


  • Documentation website generated with gitbook
  • Added layout to web servlet.
  • Fixed shading of Guava


  • Massive change of the OS Version for all Windows variants. Much cleaner now.
  • Windows NT 7/8/8.1/10 on ARM cpu = Windows Phone --> Mobile device, not Desktop
  • Get the DeviceBrand from the URL/Email if no other is available
  • Split version field by a '-' too.
  • Fix bug in UCBrowser detection (too often reported as Tablet)
  • More language-region codes detected
  • Many bug fixes found on the input provided by (Thank you)
  • Better detection and naming of the Amazon, HP, PocketBook, Manta and Prestigio devices
  • Detect the new Gecko fork Goanna (used by Palemoon)
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.6.0
    • Apache Drill 1.14.0
    • Apache Beam 2.6.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.7.1


  • Fix bug in iOS detection with some apps
  • Drop tests after preheat if dropTests is requested
  • Changed the default to use the delayed initialization.
  • Only calculate special fields if needed.
  • Dropped support for old style constructors
  • Flink UDF: Test both DataSet and DataStream use.
  • Updated UDF dependencies
    • Apache Flink 1.5.0
    • Apache Drill 1.13
    • Apache Beam 2.5.0
    • Apache Nifi 1.7.0
  • Use Spring 2.0.x for the webapp


  • Check (and fail) if two (possibly different) versions are both loaded.
  • Default cache size was not used.


  • Added extra checks to avoid using the builder twice
  • Completely dropped Platfora
  • Detect the brand 'Cubot' as not a robot
  • Improved performance by rewriting some Robot detection rules
  • Fixed OWASMIME plugin problem.
  • Improved Netfront detection
  • Fallback to Stock Android Browser in a few more cases.


  • Bump Apache Beam version from 2.0.0 to 2.4.0
  • Added Processor (UDF) for Apache Nifi 1.6.0
  • Detect Opera Touch
  • Optimized construction and memory usage.


  • Changed CPU classification regarding Intel/AMD x86_64 and Intel Itanium x64
  • Fixed several problem cases with Internet Explorer
  • Added more complete Docker scripting for the webapp.


  • Added newer Apple devices like iPhone 8 and X


  • Switch Analyzer to interface with default methods
  • Rename package annonate to annotate (which was a typo)
  • Upgrade Antlr to 4.7.1 and get rid of bug workaround
  • Introduce "Email Client" as a new AgentClass value.
  • Included the UDF for Apache Drill originally written by Charles S. Givre


  • By default do not load all test cases into memory
  • Fixed NPE in parse error situation (Hacker scenario)
  • Never let any NPE disturb the calling application ever again


  • Detect Chromium, SugarLabs, Ubuntu Touch
  • Detect few more robots
  • New matching language feature: Is this value present in a predefined set of values?
  • New matching language feature: Basic String concatenation
  • New matching language feature: Variables
  • Make doing 2,3 and 4 steps Next/Prev more efficient
  • [Davide Magni] Small fixes on WEB-INF to test & deploy using NetBeans.
  • [Davide Magni] Simple change in form POST action (Parse Service) to support deploying in both root and non-root paths on webservers.
  • [Davide Magni] Massively improved Android brand detection for Sony, Xiaomi, Wiko, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, Vodafone, Meizu and Asus by Davide Magni (BIG THANKS!)
  • Make matching prefix strings use the HashMap for performance improvement


  • Detect Microsoft Edge for Android & iOS


  • Avoid DDOS (too long parsing times). Without actual parsing: Useragent too tong == hacker.
  • Separate the parser from the caching.
  • Massive rewrite of the Builder system to avoid redundant code (hence 3.0)
  • Platfora UDF is no longer part of the release.


  • Detect Firefox Focus and a more generic pattern for WebView applications
  • Fixed NPE


  • Rewrote managing matches to reduce allocation/gc load (i.e. improve performance)
  • Determine the Device Cpu Bits (i.e. 32 or 64) where possible.
  • Stop release process if there are uncommitted changes.


  • Upgraded to need Java 1.8 (hence the major version number)
  • Added generic annotation/setter based parsing
  • Added Apache Flink mapper
  • Added Apache Beam function
  • Updated dependencies Antlr 4, Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, Checkstyle
  • Changed the structure of an extracted Keyvalue.
  • Rearranged the structure of StepDown (core step in walking around).
  • Added Apache Hive UDF
  • Various performance improvements (overall effect is approx 30% less time needed)
  • Refactored the webapp to use Spring-boot
  • Switched from Cobertura to JaCoCo (because of Java 8)


  • Rewrote the yaml reading to allow reporting the filename and line numbers.
  • Added overwrite for specific Lenovo Tablets that do not conform to normal conventions.
  • Made the Analyzer Serializable which should make using it in distributed systems easier.
  • Improve the detection of certain Robots and the old Tablet PC
  • Fixed class of broken useragents.
  • Fixed false positive "Honor Note" matches SQL fragment "OR NOT"
  • Detect Coc Coc Browser
  • Improved commandline tool
  • Make order of the extracted fields stable (Set --> List)
  • Fail when asking for a field that cannot be extracted
  • Fixed stackoverflow (infinite recursion) in specific parse situations.
  • Fixed regex problem.


  • Added simple classification tool
  • Remove '_' from DeviceName
  • Fixed NPE in Pig udf
  • Shaded the used parts of Spring and the Antlr4 runtime to minimize the impact on downstream applications.


  • Limit use of IsNull operator.
  • Fix root level fields.
  • Fix issues with Hacker detection
  • Implement DuckDuckGo app
  • Implement several Tencent apps: WeChat, QQ Browser, QQ Client
  • Cleanup and normalization of the language code
  • [PIG] Return a schema with ONLY the requested fields
  • Consistently add the Brand to the DeviceName to get a much more consistent dataset.
  • Implement Google Pixel devices
  • Improved the extraction of the DeviceName


  • Report on IE compatibility mode
  • Walker language now supports nesting some functions
  • Added NormalizeBrands as a new function
  • Walker language now allows spaces for readability
  • All 'Hacker' situations now have DeviceVersion field set.
  • [BUG] Matchers with ONLY IsNull and Fixedstrings would never match.
  • Added Opera Neon, Vivaldi and Firefox Focus


  • Various small improvements.
  • Project is mature enough to call this 1.0


  • Changed the way the version and commit information is made available in the code.
  • The UDFs now return the version of the analyzer engine
  • Fixed nasty exception in rare cases where %20 appears in the useragent.


  • Implement test code coverage measuring
  • Improve test coverage.
  • Detect Bing related bots.


  • Cleanup of duplicate rules (small performance improvement)
  • Added JMH based benchmark
  • Added the option to remove all rules that only provide fields we're not interested in at that moment.
  • Pig UDF support for requested fields
  • Improved performance by detecting a mismatch faster.
  • Change license to Apache 2.0


  • Detect very old Mac devices
  • iPod is now a "Phone" because of the screensize.
  • Split words also on _
  • New Device class: "Handheld Game Console"


  • Detect SQL injection better.
  • Detect some smartwatches
  • Many updated and improved rules
  • Allow setting the cache size


  • Allow wiping a value
  • Allow setting all fields to a specific value (for example wiping them)
  • Changed the matcher language to support extracting ranges from a string (like; extract 3rd to 5th word).


  • Fixed build (jars and uber jars)
  • The top level 'agent' is the unparsed version needed for better hacker detection.
  • Better hacker detection (SQL variants)
  • Fixed bug in the way the value is passed during walking around
  • Fixed bug in the tests


  • Restructured the project
  • Added very simple testing servlet


  • Detect webviews
  • Detect race conditions in the rules (unit tests fail when detected)
  • Added missing IDs for new Apple devices
  • Set-top boxes, Bada, Stock Android browser, ...
  • A lot of documentation


  • Detect Opera better
  • UDF for Platfora
  • Cleanup of rules and results
  • Ability to measure performance better
  • 'Robot' and 'Mobile Robot'


  • Added checkstyle to the build process
  • Improve detection Phone/Tablet
  • Improve detection Operating system name
  • Improved performance from ~90/sec to >4000/sec (measured on an i7).


  • Initial release of a parser and matcher version that seems to work pretty good.


Yet Another UserAgent Analyzer
Copyright (C) 2013-2024 Niels Basjes

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

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distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
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