A custom event that fires when a user stops resizing their browser.
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A jQuery plugin that allows for window resize-end event handling.


With yarn

yarn add jquery.resizeend

With npm

npm install jquery.resizeend

In the browser

Reference your local script:

<script src="node_modules/jquery.resizeend/lib/jquery.resizeend.min.js"></script>

Or load the script via jsdelivr:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/jquery.resizeend@latest/lib/jquery.resizeend.min.js"></script>


$(window).on('resizeend', function(e) {
  // ...


Fork the repo and clone locally, then run:

yarn install

This will install the devDependencies packages and build the dist folder.

Once you've made your desired changes, make sure to write any new tests for your feature and run the tests:

yarn run lint # lints js

yarn test     # runs test suite

If all tests pass, create a pull request.


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.