Basic configuration of Atom and VSCode plus map of key bindings by IDE and OS.
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Atom && VSCode Key Binding Map & Configs

Opening Files from the Command Line


To open a single file: atom <file-name>

To open a directory: atom .


Open Visual Studio Code and access the Command Palette (shift-cmd-p). Search for and select Shell Command: Install ‘code’ command in PATH.

To open a single file: code <file-name>

To open a directory: code .

Opening Files from IDE in Browser





Opening Terminal in IDE


Install terminal-plus

Apple cmd-shift-t

Windows/Linux: ctrl-shift-t


Packages > Terminal-Plus > New Terminal


Click the + icon in the lower-left of your panel




View > Integrated Terminal

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Atom Apple Atom Windows/Linux VSCode Apple VSCode Windows/Linux
Preferences/Settings cmd-, ctrl-, cmd-, ctrl-,
Command Palette shift-cmd-p shift-ctrl-p shift-cmd-p shift-ctrl-p
Open File (Fuzzy) cmd-p or cmd-t ctrl-p or ctrl-t cmd-p ctrl-p
Browse Open Files cmd-b ctrl-b
Markdown Preview ctrl-shift-m ctrl-shift-m shift-cmd-v ctrl-shift-v
Toggle Tree View cmd-\ ctrl-\ cmd-b ctrl-b
Toggle Developer Tools opt-cmd-i ctrl-alt-i
Key Binding Resolver cmd-. ctrl-. cmd-k cmd-s ctrl-k ctrl-s

Window && File Management

Command Atom Apple Atom Windows/Linux VSCode Apple VSCode Windows/Linux
New File cmd-n ctrl-n cmd-n ctrl-n
New Window shift-cmd-n ctrl-shift-n cmd-shift-n ctrl-shift-n
Open cmd-o ctrl-o cmd-o ctrl-o
Open Folder cmd-shift-o ctrl-shift-o
Save cmd-s ctrl-s cmd-s ctrl-s
Save As shift-cmd-s ctrl-shift-s cmd-shift-s ctrl-shift-s
Save All alt-cmd-s `cmd-opt-s' ctrl-k s
Close Tab cmd-w ctrl-w cmd-w ctrl-F4
Close Window shift-cmd-w ctrl-shift-w cmd-w
Split Window cmd-k then up/down/left/right ctrl-k then up/down/left/right cmd-\ ctrl-\
Focus Pane cmd-k cmd-up/down/left/right ctrl-k ctrl-up/down/left/right 'cmd-k cmd-left/right' ctrl-k ctrl-left/right
Toggle full screen ctrl-cmd-f F11 ctrl-cmd-f F11
Reveal Current File in Tree cmd-shift-\ cmd-k r ctrl-k r
Cycle Tabs ⌘-Shift-[ & ⌘-Shift-] ctrl-Shift-[ & ctrl-Shift-] ctrl-shift-m tab ctrl-m tab


Command Atom Apple Atom Windows/Linux VSCode Apple VSCode Windows/Linux
Duplicate Lines shift-cmd-d ctrl-shift-d opt-shift-up/down shift-alt-up/down
Delete Line ctrl-shift-k ctrl-shift-k cmd-shift-k ctrl-shift-k
Move Line Up ctrl-cmd-up ctrl-up opt-up alt-up
Move Line Down ctrl-cmd-down ctrl-down opt-down alt-down
Find/Replace cmd-f ctrl-f cmd-f ctrl-f
Find Next cmd-g F3 cmd-g 'f3'
Find Previous shift-cmd-g shift-F3 shift-cmd-g shift-f3
Find in Project shift-cmd-f ctrl-shift-f cmd-shift-f ctrl-shift-f
Go To Line ctrl-g ctrl-g ctrl-g ctrl-g
Go To Matching Bracket ctrl-m ctrl-m shift-cmd-\ ctrl-shift-\
Select Line cmd-l ctrl-l cmd-i ctrl-i
Toggle Comment cmd-/ ctrl-/ ctrl-/ ctrl-/
Column Selection ctrl-shift-up/down ctrl-alt-up/down shift-opt-cmd-up/down ctrl-shift-alt-up/down
Select Same Words cmd-d ctrl-d cmd-F2 ctrl-F2
Undo Selection cmd-u ctrl-u cmd-u ctrl-u
Select All The Same Words At Once cmd-ctrl-g alt-f3
Show Symbols Palette cmd-r ctrl-r cmd-t 'ctrl-t'
Show auto-completions ctrl-space ctrl-space
Fold/Unfold sections of code option-cmd-[ & option-cmd-] ctrl-shift-[ & ctrl-shift-] option-cmd-[ & option-cmd-] ctrl-shift-[ & ctrl-shift-]
Open Link ctrl-shift-o



  • auto-detect-indentation
  • file-icons
  • mardown-writer
  • react
  • teletype

open-in-browser Minimap file-icons pigments open-recent auto-update-packages highlight-selected

linter-jshint atom-beautify

emmet nuclide



ext install prettier-vscode


Markdown All-in-One

Regex Previewer

Auto-close Tag

Path Intellisense

To Install Pckages in VSCode

Open command pallete:

ctrl + p

Then paste in the installation command.