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Automated deploy with Travis CI

Kickster can also work with Travis CI, follow the steps below to set it up.

Automated deployment with TravisCI

Automated deployment is by default not included in your Kickster generated Jekyll project. Please follow the steps below to include automated deployment with travis.

Note that changes will only deploy when your code is merged into master.

1. Copy the required automated deploy script

Copy the automated script inside the /bin folder of your project (make sure the file has execute permissions!).

2. Add .travis.yml

Copy the .travis.yml from the snippets folder inside the /bin folder of your project(make sure the file has execute permissions!).

And adjust the following 2 lines with your information:

- USERNAME: <your-github-username>
- EMAIL: <your-github-email>

3. Create a personal access token

This is required to push to the GitHub repo from a script.

In GitHub go to settings > Personal access tokens and create a new one. First give it a proper name so it is easy to recognize later. Then check repo (check public_repo if it is a public repository) and click on create.

Enable Circle CI Step 2

Copy the generated token.

Don't forget to enable your repository in Travis CI.

Go back to your project in terminal and input the following:

gem install travis
travis encrypt GITHUB_TOKEN=secret-token-from-github --add

This added a line inside your .travis.yml file like this:

secure: <encrypted token>

That's it, enjoy your automated deployments from now on!