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Run oref0-autotune in the cloud, and auto-update your Nightscout profile
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Autotune Docker Cloud <== Try it out :)

Run oref-autotune as a dockerized HTTP service


This image is based on autotune-docker and is designed to allow you to run oref0-autotune (docs) without needing to have a full copy of oref0 installed to your system.

Comparison to AutotuneWeb and autotune-docker

Autotune Web allows you to enter the URL to your Nightscout profile, and then runs autotune for you in the cloud.

autotune-docker lets you run autotune on your own machine, without having to install dependencies or go through the setup.

autotune-cloud (this project) adds an HTTP server on top of autotune-docker, making it functionally equivalent to Autotune Web, but with better scalability and faster results. You can still run it yourself without too much setup, or in the cloud on a Kubernetes cluster.

Starting the http service

Go into the directory that includes docker-compose.yaml and run

docker-compose up --build

cURL command

To run oref0-autotune on your own Nightscout site, send this POST request to the server:

curl -X POST \
  'http://localhost:3000?nsHost=' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  -H 'Host: localhost:3000' \
  -F profile=@/path/to/your/profile.json

The following query parameters are available:

  • nsHost: the url to your nightscout site
  • startDate: default=null
  • endDate: default=null
  • startDaysAgo: default=1
  • endDaysAgo: default=null
  • categorizeUamAsBasal: default=false
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