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Jellyfin Resolver

A proper name should still be considered.

Jellyfin resolvers provide the functionality that assigns proper types like "season" or "episode" to files and folders. This plugin adds a new resolver to Jellyfin that uses Anitomy to parse files. Additionally the way the folder structure is defined is changed to better suit anime watchers.

Current state

The plugin is usable to a certain degree. Unfortunately the Jellyfin server doesn't support alternative resolvers properly so this plugin needs to do some hacks to get it working:

  • It defines a high priority so it will run before most of the other build-in resolvers
  • It check if the library it is resolving contains "anime" in the name because there is no way to assign it to certain libraries only (yet)
  • It always returns something so other resolvers won't provide false information
  • Only works for mp4 and mkv files at this moment

A issue for custom resolvers exists in the Jellyfin issue tracker: jellyfin/#2187

Folder structure

Folders can be nested as much as you want, whenever a folder starts with a digit it is considered a "show". The digit will be stripped. Season support is currently not supported. All shows will get a "Season 1" season with their respective content. Folders called "extra" inside a show will be added as a separate season.


  • /[folder]/[order]. [show]/[episode]
  • /[folder]/[folder]/[order]. [show]/[episode]


  • /Cowboy Bebop/1. Cowboy Bebop/Cowboy Bebop - 01.mkv
  • /Cowboy Bebop/1. Cowboy Bebop/extra/OP01.mkv
  • /Cowboy Bebop/2. Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira/Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira - 01.mkv
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